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VoilaProduct: Screen capture, image editing/sharing software
Developer: Global Delight Technologies
Minimum System Requirements: Mac OS X v10.5.2, iPhoto v6.0.1 (for exporting captured/ annotated images)
Price: $39.99
Availability Now
Version Reviewed: 1.01

Voila is a Mac OS X application that makes taking screen shots a cake walk. What sets this apart from other software in its class are the several editing features that are part of the suite. One of the features you notice when you first launch the application is that Voila is integrated with Mail and iPhoto. You can send your screenshots to anyone in just a few clicks, and the same goes for importing/exporting to iPhoto. In the same area, you will also find a View Options button that allows you to set the display as you see fit. There are three options available. Another nice feature is the ability to zoom in and out on the screen shot itself, which allows you to do some really nice editing. It’s not as powerful as Photoshop, but for screen capture software it can zoom in quite close, allowing you to get quite detailed.


Now, let’s talk about the screenshots themselves. You have the option to take a shot of the entire desktop, or you can manually select the area that you would like captured. There is also an option for you to capture a menu, although I have tried to use it several times and have yet to get it to do what I want it to do. The menu option uses a complex key combination, and is just a pain in the “you know what” to use.

The layout, once you have captured your shot, is very is to understand. Although there is a lot going on, the screen does not feel too crowded.

Now, the cool stuff. There is a Tools tab for editing that allows you to do a wealth of editing to your screen shot. You can add arrows to point to anything you want. You can use a paint brush effect that reminds me a lot of Microsoft Paint (bad reference, I know, but true nonetheless). You also have a paint option that will auto fill an area with a color that you select. A spray can, lines, test bubbles, and a cool little stamp are some of the other tools available to you.

There is a second editing tab labeled Effects. Edges, skew, filter, adjust, and crop are your features here. You can do a great deal of cool things with these editing tools, more than you’re likely to want to do with a screenshot. You can even import photos into the application and mess around with them, too. Nice.


But that doesn’t mean you wouldn’t more tools available to you. I had the opportunity to speak with Global Delight about this, and they mentioned that new features are coming, along with usability changes as suggested by Voila users. The first of these should show up within four to six weeks, and will include additional methods of sharing, enhanced annotations and effects, bug fixes, and an improved user experience. They’re also considering a Tiger version.

They also offered a special discount to Appletell readers:

We would like to offer 25% discount on Voila to Appletell readers. Please mention this coupon code: “appletell”. This coupon is active till 28th Feb.

If you need to take screenshots often or need to annotate any photo you have, then I recommend Voila hands down. This is a great application with a lot of easy-to-use features.

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  • Team Voila

    Hi All

    We have released a new version of Voila v1.1, check it out. It has some new features:

    - Option to upload images to FTP and publish on Flickr
    - Support for exporting images via Microsoft Entourage 3. Drag and drop annotated images to other applications
    - UI updated with option to Zoom and Lock or Unlock image on the canvas
    - Pressing Shift key while resizing the image or annotation maintains the aspect ratio
    - Copy and paste annotations within the images in the history
    - Keyboard support provided for selecting and moving the annotations
    - Thumbnails are dynamically updated following the changes in the annotations
    - Six new filters including Saw Tooth and Torn Edge and seven new Stamps have been added

    Also, 50% educational discount is being offered for a limited period.

    Team Voila

  • Team Voila


    VOTE FOR VOILA: Voila has been nominated for Macworld Award 2009 under 'Best consumer software', Vote now for your favorite app.

    Thanks for your support
    Team Voila