Apple keyboard concept with iPhone Dock

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Concept Keyboard with iPhone Dock

Think it’s time for Apple to update their keyboard design? Here’s a cool idea from a writer at Based on the Apple keyboard, this new concept design would feature a dock for your iPhone or iPod Touch that synchronizes with iTunes as well as charging your device. Your iPhone or iPod Touch would lie flat to the right of the keyboard, next to six OLED keys.

These keys would be programable to control various tasks, most suitably opening your favorite applications or websites. This is very similar to the Optimus Maximus Aux keyboard first seen back in 2008, featuring OLED keys for every button on the keyboard, offering full customization. The keyboard would come with software you would use to control what is displayed and controlled by the extra OLED keys—similar to keyboard shortcuts, but without the need for two keys and with the added bonus of a pretty picture!

The charging feature is probably the most interesting and advanced part of the keyboard concept. It uses induction charging, meaning there are no wires. The charge process uses electromagnetic induction. A “charging station” sends the electrical engery through a coil, which crosses a small gap to a coil inside the device. The energy is stored in the batteries as normal, and can then be used. So, by simply placing your iPhone or iPod touch onto the side panel of this concept keyboard, it would sync with iTunes and charge with no added wires or anything else to plug in.

The “all-new Apple keyboard” has been given a price by its designer of $79.99, even though its nothing more than a concept idea from someone not affiliated with Apple…albeit a brilliant and original concept, at that.

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  • Adam Berger

    It would be great if the iPhone/iPod Touch could act as extra buttons/functions for the keyboard. Either as a trackpad or drawing tool. If it is sitting there it might as well be put to use.

  • Ed Parry

    Thats a good idea, Adam. A simple application on your iPhone/iPod Touch connects to your Mac and is controlled through the same software as the OLED keys on the keyboard. A simple graphics tablet would be great too!

  • Adam Berger


    That is a great accessory, but this is something very different. Here you would use your iPhone as an add-on to your computer keyboard — like the PSP was supposed to be an extra screen for PS3.

    Keep up the good work and keep us posted with new developments.

  • Stephen Brown

    Ahh… good point! I like the concept. As for what we are doing, the video shows the first version. We are a few revs past now. With the interest we are receiving we should be bringing something to market that people can put their hands on. We fixed the delay issues for instance, we just need to reshoot the video. :)

  • Adam Berger

    Well keep us posted, we can't wait to see it on the market.

  • Stephen Brown

    We did an external keyboard for the iPhone using SDK 2.0 and no jailbreaking: