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Dietician application logoCategory: Healthcare & Fitness
Seller: CM Productions LLC
Requirements: iPhone 2.0 software update
Compatibility: iPhone and iPod touch
File Size: 0.9MB
Version Reviewed: 1.1
Price: $9.99

Dietician is a different kind of healthcare & fitness application. Rather than focus on how many press-ups you’ve done, it concentrates solely on your diet. Generating a meal plan for you to follow, it aims to assist you in loosing weight—more often than not, the reason for this genre of application.

On the first use, you’re asked to enter basic information about yourself. The usual questions such as height, weight, birthday and gender appear alongside a goal weight that you wish to achieve. Using this information, it generates the level of dieting you will need to be successful, and so the types of food that are mostly likely to work. Of course, it asks you a few more questions to find out if there are any foods to avoid, how much variety you’d like, and the effort you’re willing to put into the diet.

Dietician application on the main screen.

Now comes the clever bit. It analyzes the information you’ve provided and, within a minute, presents you with a meal plan. It gives five meals per day, but unfortunately does not specify whether they’re breakfast, lunch, snacks, etc.—although, if you consume all five meals within the day at appropriate points, you should be fine. If you’re like me and would prefer a lot of variety, the meal plans cater to anyone. They’re not boring or difficult to make, they’re meals that you would have at any point and are not limiting.

Dietician application showing ingredients used.

If, however, your kitchen skills are somewhat limited, Dietician lends a very useful helping hand. Not only does it provide the meal plan, but it also informs you of the ingredients needed and the preparation required to make your creation a success. The groceries tab shows you the required food items you’re likely to need for the meals during that day or week, and will keep an eye on how much you use, and when you’d need some more. The preparation steps are simple to follow and give you room to experiment with the ingredients. Of course, Dietician wouldn’t be a true dieting application if it didn’t provide you with some nutritional facts. For each meal, it shows the basic information you’re most likely to care about: calories, fat, fiber and sugar to name just a few. It doesn’t explain the benefits of these however, or instruct which to stay clear off, and which are good for your specific diet.

Periodically, you can enter in your current weight to compare to previous entries as a way to check if the diet is working for you. Using the height and weight, it calculates your BMI, allowing you to keep tabs on that, too. You can view this information in a simple list or on a graph with your goal weight highlighted in fluorescent green.

The interface is clean and simple. There’s no green for good and red for bad here. It doesn’t need to be a fancy design; it has a job, of which the design only improves the experience. The individual sections are highlighted, and the text is clear to read. I wouldn’t mind an image of what the meal should look like to give something to aim for when cooking, and for your general interest.

Dietician offers a welcome change to usual health/fitness applications. By making small changes to our eating habits, it can dramatically improve our health. Dietician focuses on this point and provides an enjoyable (and tasty!) way of loosing those few pounds inevitably gained over the Christmas lunch. It doesn’t bombard you with rules and targets. It enhances your meals in small, but rewarding ways. Always keeping you in the driving seat means you are in control of your diet. If there’s something you’re not too keen on, let Dietician give you a new meal plan. Any allergies are taken into account, and items such as nuts or diary products can be removed from the meal plans entirely if necessary.

A solidly built application for an original idea for the iPhone and iPod touch. Never before has creating healthy and interesting meals been so easy and rewarding.

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