Mac Trojan found on pirated Photoshop, iWork ’09

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photoshop with poison labelA new piece of Trojan Horse malware has found its way onto pirated copies of Photoshop and iWork ’09, according to security firm Intego.

Following the discovery of a trojan linked with copies of iWork ’09, the security firm says it has now found a variant, attached to pirated versions of Photoshop CS4. OSX.Trojan.iServices.B also grants a remote user root access; the new trojan is associated with the crack application however, and is spawned under a different name whenever the crack is run.

The person using the pirated software activates the Trojan when he runs the other program to generate a false serial number. If he enters his admin password (standard procedure when installing most software), the Trojan installs other applications which start listening for an open TCP port, allowing another user to have remote access to the Mac.

Users are advised to have anti-virus software (which will also detect Trojan Horses), update that software regularly, and, oh yes, don’t download illegal software from the internet.

Via [MacNN]

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