Apple forgets to mention iDVD on the iLife ’09 Box

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Apple forgets to mention iDVD on the iLife '09 Box

While at the Apple Store today, purchasing iLife ’09, I made an interesting discovery. Apple seems to have “forgotten” about iDVD on the iLife ’09 Box.

At the Macworld 2009 Keynote, earlier this month, Phil Shiller didn’t even mention iDVD. We found that odd, considering iLife has been a suite of five applications for a few years.

The same is shown when visiting Apple’s iLife page; it says “iLife ’09. iPhoto. iMovie. Garageband. iWeb. All part of every new Mac.”

It has been a feeling of mine for some time that Apple wants all media to be shared via the internet, and not via DVDs, and I think the exclusion of iDVD from the iLife ’09 box helps to confirm my theory.

The only one mention of iDVD on the entire box, is in the fine print, listing iDVD as part of the Contents; “Contents: DVD containing iPhoto, iMovie, Garageband, iWeb, iDVD and QuickTime…”

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  • Joel Bruner

    Well, it's the same version as was in iLife '08. Yep, that's right, it's version 7. The 7.03 update came out the day iLife '09 came out and iDVD v7.03 is what's included in the box. There might be a new theme or two in there, but it seems iDVD is frozen in time now. It looks like iMovie is where they are shifting the themes to (and they have some snazzy ones using Quartz Composer technology it looks like), because that's where the presentation is seen now, in the movie itself, not a DVD menu, which has it's place but the web is the new medium of choice and convenience, I think we can see this is the iTunes Store, the App Store, the Garageband Store, etc…

  • bud

    Schiller DID mention iDVD in his keynote; he only discussed iPhoto and iMovie and Garageband however.

    Maybe they were considering the possibility of BlueRay burning drives becoming available during development so iDVD got de-emphasized for that reason as well, and never got booted back up. The trend is to share via web though. Create something short and post it. Probably Greenpeace would have tried to raise a stink about them creating plastic waste if they mentioned iDVD, they were still looking for something to ride the publicity about even with the Apples green emphasis.

  • Julie

    then again, it means Apple will go to hades in a handbasket because Steve's not at the helm…

  • Kirk Hiner

    I like iDVD. I like burning my movies so I can hand them off to family and such, and you just can't get that with the Internet. Feels much less personal. But I won't lament Apple dropping iDVD, if they do, because Toast is picking up the functionality, and starting to do it better.