Apple offers survey for recent Apple TV purchasers; listening to consumers for real?

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Apple TVApple has posted a survey on its website for recent Apple TV purchasers. While it is a pretty standard looking survey, a few questions look like Apple may actually be listening to consumer feedback this time around to make Apple TV better.

Steve Jobs quite often tells us that the latest version of such-and-such a product contains “… what customers have been asking for.” But that usually means it was a no-brainer feature that was left out of version one so they could make you pay all over again for version two (iPod touch speaker and volume buttons, anyone). This survey could just be Apple actually letting customers (albeit in a controlled set of questions) tell Apple what they want.

The survey includes the standard income, household composition, and age questions, and also asks where the respondents rent or buy movies. But the most important question is an open ended one: If you could change one thing about your Apple TV, what would that be?

If you have recently purchased an Apple TV, why not answer that for Apple by following the link below. And if you haven’t, why not answer it for us in the comments below?

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