Apple in a “clean-up” phase, preparing for new generation of computing?

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Mac OSI recently wrote an article on Apple’s seeming lack of real innovation in the Mac market. After some consideration, I realized that all of their product lines have been rather stagnant lately: iPhone 3G was a small departure from iPhone design-wise, Macs took on a gray and black finish, and Snow Leopard is supposedly not introducing many new features.

Now this is pure speculation, but it leads me to believe that Apple is focusing on cleaning up the code in Snow Leopard, and is also preparing a new generation of computing. While it gets everything ready, Apple is pushing out incremental upgrades to keep everyone happy.

After Snow Leopard, which could lay the foundation for the new generation of the Mac OS and Macs as a cleaned out base for new features, Apple could be focusing on the new Mac OS, which would include things like advanced touch support, much improved handwriting recognition, etc. Once all these new features are ready, Apple will start up the computer innovation again, scrapping the current product lines over time and transitioning to a line that would likely include the iPhone 3G at the base level.

As computers, phones, MP3 players, and other electronics have the lines between them blurred more and more, I have a feeling Apple has a few tricks up its sleeve to stay on the cutting edge. What do you think? What will be key in the next generation of Macs and the Mac OS? Sound off in the comments below.

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  • Ed Parry

    Really good article, Adam! I've never really thought about it like that before, but as you say, everything seems "normal". There's nothing that sounds amazing.

    Maybe with Steve Jobs' health as it is, if he passed the baton to someone else while at the same time Apple refreshing their entire lines, it would signify a new beginning almost.

    A lot of people seem worried that when Job's leaves, Apple will slowly decline. That shouldn't be the case, and with something as you suggest, it would reassure people and set the base for a whole new level of computing.

  • David

    I think that they are focusing on a simple, high-quality computer and OS instead of one with a million bells and whistles that's dog slow and crashes all the time. It's a great thing.