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iSale 5 iconProduct: eBay selling utility
Format: Download or CD
Developer: Equinux
Minimum System Requirements: Mac OS X v10.5, PowerPC or Intel Mac
Price: $39.95 single user download; $49.95 family license download or box
Availability: Now
Version Reviewed: 5.5

Equinux’s iSale 5 is one of a handful of applications that attempt to take the eBay experience and make it better. They do this by allowing you to easily create auctions that are much prettier than your standard eBay template. Not only that, they add a ton of extra features to sweeten the deal: Research Assistant, scheduled listings, video descriptions, and so much more.

iSale 5 application interface

I’m going to preface this by saying I’m by no means an eBay power user. I just got my 100th, rating and I certainly don’t make a living selling on eBay. I actually rather dislike the service, but that’s beside the point. On to the software!

After the configuration between your account and computer is done, the first thing you’ll want to do is start selling; that is almost the entire purpose of the application. The application is layed out very similarly to iTunes—you have a panel to the left that keeps everything organized, and a working pane on the right. So, go ahead and select File – New Auction with Template (or hit Command N).

iSale 5 Templates

There are tons of templates; 222, the last time I checked, and that’s a lot. To test out this app, I sold my original iPhone (more about that later). Conveniently enough, there is a template that looks exactly like an iPhone. How perfect! So I chose that one, but you the truth is that the vast majority of these templates are very well designed. I was actually quite surprised that most of them weren’t junk layouts.

iSale 5 eBay categories

After you choose your template, you can edit the category, description, etc.—ll that normal eBay stuff you would do online, but now you can do it completely inside the comfort of this application. Plus, you can use the Research Assistant to auto fill in some of the details on your auction for you from information readily available on the net. It even works with Delicious Library! There are boxes for images, and you can drag and drop the images that you want to be displayed there. Not enough? Your Mac likely has an iSight. Use it to record a video description and have it automatically uploaded to YouTube, which, unlike pictures on eBay, costs you nothing!

The only issue I found with the app is selecting text. For some reason, you can only click and drag in one direction: forward. If you try it backwards, it freaks out. Very strange issue, but it doesn’t ruin the app.

I created my auction very quickly. I’d estimate that getting from installation to beginning of sale took about a half an hour, and I was going quite slowly. I really liked the templates and how easy the app was to use. But what I liked most was that the auction for my original iPhone ended in less than 6 hours of creation. I’m not sure that’s completely because of iSale and its wonderful template, but I’ll let them take the bragging rights. I have a feeling their sleek looking template at least caught the eye of the user who chose to Buy It Now.

If you sell frequently on eBay, then I’d recommend you consider iSale 5. The only thing really holding this back from a 5 apple review is the price. At $39.95, you have to either sell one really expensive item, or sell often to be able to justify it. Although, they do have a five license Family Pack for only $10 more. The demo version allows you to try iSale 5 out on up to three auctions to make sure you like it.

The templates are really what you are buying here, but you also get a bunch of great features like the ability to make your auctions go live at a later date without paying an eBay fee, among others. And let’s face it, eBay will charge you for any and everything, so if there’s an app/service that prevents eBay from taking our money, I’m all for it. I have a feeling eBay will eventually fee themselves into submission. But before they do, check out iSale 5 from Equinix.

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