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TweetubeTwitter is pretty awesome—I think most of us can agree on that—but sometimes 140 characters just doesn’t cut it. Sure, you can use Twitpic to share a picture with all of your followers, which is pretty cool, but what if that’s still not cutting it for you? Good news, you can use Tweetube to share short videos with your Twitter followers.

Tweetube is one of the coolest pieces of software I’ve found for Twitter on the Mac. It allows you record a video of up to 25 seconds, add a title and description, and then blast it to your followers. I gave it a quick test and it worked great. Here, give my first Tweetube video a look.

I can really see this catching on since you can say a lot more in 25 seconds of video than you can with 140 characters. Plus, your followers get to see you or whatever it is that you are doing. I love it, and I think you will too.

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Download [Tweetube for OS X]

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