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Applications on the iPhoneTake a look at this great concept idea offering an ideal way to organize your iPhone/iPod touch applications. Using iTunes, you can visualize on screen where the applications will lie, on what page. You have the option to delete, move and rate single or multiple applications at a time, and even an entire screen at once. Take a look at the video below posted on YouTube:

I’d love to see a management system like this put in place by Apple in the near future. It’s so intuitive and almost obvious that we need a platform such as this. The worst part of having lots of applications, especially after a restore, is organizing them across multiple pages. I definitely think iTunes is missing a very useful option here for iPhone/iPod touch users.

Take note Apple, we’d love to see this!

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    That s is awesome, It actually solves a major rant of mine.I have a problem with when you have a bunch of different set of over 144 apps. each time I switch from my mainly games ones to my business set i got toredrag the stuff around all again. They should do that…