iMac + Sega Dreamcast = iCast?

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iMac G3 with a Sega Dreamcast

Have you got an old Macintosh lying around at home, gathering dust in the corner? There wouldn’t happen to be, say, a Dreamcast and monitor lying next to it, would there? If so, you’re in luck! One member of the forums decided to incorporate his Sega Dreamcast and a 15-inch LCD screen inside his old third generation Apple iMac. Can you guess what he called his creation? The iCast, of course!

I can’t imagine that if Apple ever did create a gaming console, as Microsoft did with the xBox, that it would look anything like this iCast. I guess the iPhone is the closest thing Apple has to a gaming device, and there’s no arguments with its capabilities on that front. I don’t think Apple will ever venture into the game console market at all, but if they did, it would probably be one sweet looking device that would proudly hook up to your 54-inch HD OLED television and present you with the latest and greatest games around. What…we can dream, can’t we?

Have you ever decided to reinvent your old Macintosh computers? Or did you sell them at the time, but now wish you had them back?

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  • 411macjunkie

    Very cool! I would try to do this if I had the time!

  • Cody

    Actually Apple has "ventured" into the gaming world. You probably don't know this because it was a huge failure. Hell, I wasn't aware of it until I looked into it.

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