iTunes gift cards hacked

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iTunes gift cards available online

A group of Chinese hackers have been able to generate their own iTunes gift cards as a result of solving the algorithm that Apple uses to control and issue the cards. As a result, they are now selling $200 gift cards online for only $2.60. The price was originally higher, but the hackers have sold their gift card generators for undisclosed sums to other hackers and companies. As a result, more companies offering the cheap cards means the overall prices quickly dropped. Using China’s largest customer-to-customer online service, the codes used to redeem the vouchers are sent directly to the buyer through the seller’s IM service:

Choose one seller whose Taobao IM is online, talk to him a little bit, purchase his product and pay money to Taobao’s online payment system, Alipay, which supports most banks in China. All the seller actually sells is the gift voucher code which they send you directly through Taobao’s IM software. You can then redeem the card in your iTunes account.

I’d expect Apple will soon be in the process of changing their algorithms for generating the gift card codes to prevent this from happening. But since there is no way of telling legitimate vouchers from these hacked versions, any that are currently in circulation will continue to be active.

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  • jimmy

    hey can u give me the url?

  • Joey

    Wow thAt's cool I wish I was that smart I would have all the songs in the works LOL

  • Shannon

    Daaamn how illegal is this? Would one get tracked and prosecuted for buying these cheap cards?

  • erick


  • deanna

    need to put a new itones card

  • joe

    Apple can rollback the transaction and knows who use the "hacked" vouchers. They can trace back all your purchase and your itune account/ip

  • dumyan

    Can u send a itunes gift card code 2 dis email usa codes dat work thanks

  • Frank

    can you please send an iTunes gift card code please.

  • jack sparrow

    apple is one of the best company in the whole world. which company have various type of electronic product.

  • lupito

    i need help hacking the itunes code from gift card

  • ronald1216

    can someones mac be hacked if you send itunes codes to someone from your computer if you dont have an itunes account