Is Apple ready to show us the rumored Tablet at iPhone 3.0 event?

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Rumored Apple tabletSpeculation has it that Apple is ready to announce the Apple tablet device we’ve all been hearing so much about lately during tomorrow’s iPhone 3.0 OS preview. Seth Weintraub, from Computerworld Blogs, has numerous reasons to believe the rumored Apple tablet is in fact very closely related to the iPhone.

Seth starts out his case for the embiggened iPhone turned tablet device by stating that Apple has had plans for more iPhone-like devices for some time now. They’ve posted jobs with details that outright admit this. Here’s a quote:

The software developed by the networking team runs on a broad spectrum of platforms, including Macs and Windows, and from servers down to a growing number of embedded devices including iPhone.

This speculation also ties in that rumor about the Premium App Store. You wouldn’t want to pay $20+ for very many iPhone apps, but what if the apps were geared towards a larger device, say a 9.5 to 10 inch tablet like device. And why would you buy a tablet like this if it didn’t have any software to run. Thus, the reason for unveiling said rumored piece of hardware tomorrow is so developers can prepare for a summer release.

Sadly, this whole bit of rumoring isn’t really a rumor, just speculation. I have to admit, it makes sense, but then again, we’re talking about Apple here. I think the time is about right for Apple to destroy enter the netbook market. They’ve never tried to be the first to market with anything. What Apple wants is to be the first to market a device that actually works well.

This idea for the Premium App Store makes sense to me as well, since it’s completely illogical to have two app stores for the same device, the iPhone. But what I’d rather see is what I’d like to call the Application Store. While the App Store sells small apps for your iPhone or iPod Touch, the Application Store could sell full applications for your Macintosh. And there’s no reason why it can’t have a section for an Apple Tablet that runs a full, touch based version of OS X.

I’m hoping Apple doesn’t just make a 10 inch iPod touch, and I don’t believe that they will. It would be silly to release just a device with a larger screen; it has to have more features. I’m talking about nearly full notebook functionality in a tablet device.

Tomorrow will come soon, but that doesn’t mean we will for sure be seeing an Apple tablet. If Apple makes a tablet, what do you want to see? A big iPod touch, a MacBook tablet or something completely different?

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  • baggins

    The "netBook" is coming
    Ipod touch, but bigger,with a keyboard, sized between ipod and airbook