Apple’s WWDC event has a date set

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WWDC 2009

Each year, Apple holds an event for developers of Mac OS X and the iPhone OS. This event—The World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC)—is held in the summer months, and Apple have set the dates for this year’s conference as 8th – 12th June 2009.

The event draws hundreds of developers together, offering huge amounts of help and information, through presentations and one-to-one set-ups from some of Apple’s engineers. A lot of the event means nothing to a lot of people, unless you’re a part-time coder or have an interest in developing applications for Apple systems. But there’s also a presentation that the rest of the world looks in for. This presentation is Apple’s chance to tell us what they’re up to, usually regarding development. Obviously, Apple won’t confirm this just yet, but it’s quite a safe bet that we’ll finally get our hands on iPhone OS 3.0. Currently only available to users of Apple’s developer program, we learnt OS 3.0 would be finished for the summer—and what better time to release than WWDC?

For iPhone 1.0, we saw the original iPhone, of course. For iPhone 2.0, we saw the iPhone 3G. Got the pattern yet? Again, nothing set in stone here, but rumors suggest a third remake of the iPhone will follow OS 3.0 out of Apple HQ. AT&T have been preparing a 7.2MB access speed, which should be ready by the summer. Ready for the new iPhone? There’s also another rumor hinting at video recording capabilities, not a minute too soon. It’s thought that video recording wasn’t able for the iPhone 3G because the memory used is not quick enough for video frame rates to be read to the memory. It seems strange that watching video was perfectly fine, but not to record.

Moving to the computer, there’s also the latest version of Apple’s OS, Snow Leopard that is expected to make an appearance this year. The World Wide Developer Conference will most likely be used to show an official release, and to set a date for its release…hopefully within a few months of the event itself.

So, WWDC 2009. For developers, there’s a lot of information about what to expect and on how to book your space over at Apple’s developer site. For everyone else, stay tuned for more updates regarding the event and possible products that could emerge.

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