Macworld 2010 planned for February

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Macworld 2010 - February 9th - 13th

The organizers of Macworld, IDG, have set the dates for the Macworld Conference and Expo: February 9th – 13th, 2010. The significant detail here is the month. Macworld has always been in January, but as a result of exhibitors and attendee’s comments, February was considered a better month—offering more time to prepare products and demonstrations.

At Macworld 2009, Apple stated it would be their last appearance at the Expo, which left many people wondering what would be left of the event. According to the organizers, Macworld 2010 is more focused on the community of Mac users and developers, in particular iPhone developers. Naturally, it will feel a smaller event, with the Expo floor using only one of two available halls at the Moscone Center. The conference will remain in the West building, while the Expo will only use the North hall, rather than both the North and South. While using less floor space, the North hall will be filled with independent developers and companies showcasing their best Apple-related tech.

Making the event smaller could prove to be a great advantage. It creates a space where developers can meet users and other developers and present their latest ideas and share thoughts. With the emphasis next year on the Apple community, it already looks to be a brilliant event—over 10,000 people have already registered, since entrance to the Expo-only will be free. Another advantage for the community of users and developers are the dates. Running from the Thursday through Sunday, it offers people the weekend to turn up, if escaping from work early isn’t an option.

Macworld Conference & Expo 2010, San Francisco Moscone Center, February 9th – 13th 2010. What are you waiting for? Macworld has always been a great time for developers and users, offering exhibitors a few more weeks to perfect their ideas can only make things better.

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