Appletell announces easy access to iPhone app/game reviews

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iPhone App ReviewsIn an effort to make it easier for you—our intelligent and wildly attractive readers—to access our ever-growing number of iPhone and iPod touch app and game reviews, we’ve created new landing areas for each. Both sections can be accessed from the Special Features area in the right hand column of our site.

iPhone App Reviews

The iPhone App Store was great when it was first announced and we could all pick and chose what we wanted, but the number is now overwhelming. Great apps get lost in the mix, and some bad ones just won’t seem to go away. So, how do you know you’re getting what you want out of your app purchases? In this new area, your Appletell editors will detail the great apps we find, and steer you clear from those that aren’t worth it even if they’re free.

iPhone Game Reviews

The iPhone started as a phone. Or an Internet device. Or an MP3 player. Or a combination of all of the above. But with the creation of the App Store, Apple has placed the iPhone and iPod touch amongst the most popular gaming devices available. Everyone from first time developers to long-standing companies such as Taito and Electronic Arts are releasing games for the iPhone, and the staff of Appletell—gamers and Apple fans alike—are here to help you get the most entertainment value out of your app store purchases.

New reviews will be automatically added these sections when they’re published, so be sure to check back often in case you missed a review. And because we care at Appletell (well, not enough to send a card on your birthday, but enough to feel a little guilty for not doing so), let us know if there’s anything we can do to make these landing areas more useful.

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