What’s the ideal gift for the Queen of England?

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President Obama's visit to England

As I’m sure you’re all aware, the G20 is currently happening in London, UK. President Obama flew over to England for the event, and, as part of his trip, visited the Queen of England. It was expected that he would bring gifts for both the Prime Minister and the Queen, although just what he brought was a little surprising. For the Prime Minister, he brought a box set of 25 DVDs of classic movies. It’ll be interesting to see for what region they are formatted, else Gordon Brown may just have to wait for a trip to America to be able to watch them. DVDs aren’t quite the typical gift from President to Prime Minister, but neither was his gift to the Queen.

It’s a known fact that Obama is a man of the 21st century. He owns a Blackberry, and uses Macs where possible. America welcomed him greatly, and the world is closely watching how he’ll bring success. Sticking with the 21st century thought for a moment, can you guess the gift for Queen Elizabeth? Unlikely. It was nothing short of an Apple iPod. Yes, you read correctly. Obama loaded the iPod with video and photographs from her 2007 visit to America. A nice gesture, wouldn’t you say?

It’s believed the Queen already owned an iPod before— 6GB silver iPod mini, to be precise, after Prince Andrew suggested the purchase.

It’s certainly a gift that I would never have thought appropriate. Although after a thought, it fits quite nicely. It offers memories of America, in an American device, for the British Queen. It’s certainly unique, and has sparked a lot of interest as a result. Being the 21st century President that he is, it’s a cleverly thought-out gift. I just hope he remembered to pack the British power adapter.

Do you think he was right to present the Queen with an iPod? Which model do you think he went for?

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  • phyllis

    My personal opinion obama gave the queen the same kind of ipod he uses himself .Ithink the queen was very pleased.***********Phyllis