iPhone Developer Intervention Week 1: Come, join us

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XCode IconHey everyone, I would like to announce the first post of a new weekly column I will be starting called iPhone Developer Intervention. This column will be mostly dedicated towards anything related to the iPhone SDK or developing for the iPhone as well as programming ideas in general. Through my experiences with the App Store, iPhone SDK, and XCode, I hope to help all of the readers to understand more what it’s like to develop for the iPhone and what Apple as well as other developers are doing to help out.

As you may know, I have already written a few posts pertaining to this topic (App Store Development Part 1, and Part 2. Some of the newer content may be like that, while other content may include how-tos or just news items in general.

This should be an exciting new column I hope to use to teach everyone, as well as to learn from all the readers. Feel free to comment on future posts with your own experiences and tips if you are a developer, or even use this content to learn about how to become a developer. I assure you it will be interesting to everybody, even those who aren’t necessarily interested in programming.

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