Leaked images hint at final iPhone OS 3.0 features. Video?

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iPhone videoThe fine folks over at MacRumors and The Boy Genius Report have acquired screen captures of some yet unannounced features of iPhone OS 3.0. And they did what sensible people would do, leaked them!

The images came from ninjas of course. Convenient since ninjas can’t be seen. Anyway, here’s the deal. The final version of iPhone OS 3.0 may support OpenGL ES v2.0. You likely don’t care or know what that means unless you are a developer. Think better graphics, and I think we can all agree it’s time. I’m so sick of stuttered scrolling and slow frame rates in apps and games. It also references something called “ChinaBrick.” I’m struggling to come up with a witty joke for this one, so I’d appreciate it if you just laugh anyway. Apparently, there’s a rumor going around about a Chinese specific iPhone without 3G or WiFi. I didn’t know the iPod touch was still a rumor. Hhmm.

But what you really want to read about and see is the very strong possibility of the next hardware revision of the iPhone having video recording capabilities. This of course, will not be backwards compatible with iPhone 3G, nor iPhone gramps original. Seriously, how are they going to get you to renew your 2 year contract if they just give you everything for free?

The interface, which is hidden deep inside iPhone Beta OS 3.0, looks just like the standard Camera app, with a slider to choose between taking still pictures or video. Currently, it doesn’t work, big surprise since no one I know has an unreleased model of iPhone…or do I?

iPhone VoiceControlOther minor features hinted at in these leaks include Auto-Focus Camera, Magnetometer and VoiceControl. No, the last one is probably not a swearing filter, though your Mom probably would appreciate that moreso that what it probably is. It’s likely a Voice Dialing utility, but that’s just my educated guess. Magnetometer is likely a digital compass, not sure how useful that will be, but I’m sure someone is happy.

So all rumors point towards video capabilities for the new iPhone, and I’m glad. If this turns out to be of decent quality, then Flip might just need to up the ante.

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  • leeum

    they will probably use the magnetometer for GPS related things like how they use it in the google Android software for street view, or maybe just do the exact same thing as android… they are both google maps after-all..

  • Ichorus

    Damn, I have just bought the Iphone 2 weeks ago! On pay n go. Hopefully its only the video that makes me want it..but an improved camera will be a little too tempting.

  • David J

    I don't know why the rumor of the video will only work on improved camera's, out there are phones that have 2 megapixel camera and take good quality of videos, I hope that the improvement is that if you have a new Iphone (third generation) will take HD video and a front camera, if that is so, I wouldn't mine buying a new one (besides having the 3G).

  • Paul Evans

    Article exploring the potential of the new iPhone hardware:

  • Bryan

    The magnetometer will enable true augmented reality, a.k.a. a window into an infinite virtual world surrounding us at all times!!! This is the most exciting feature of the update!!!! How are all these tech sites missing this milestone??

  • Constable Odo

    I thought even jailbroken iPhones could only do video recording at 15 frames per second and most people say that produces crappy video. I'm sure if Apple thought they could milk the feature surely a third party video recorder app would have been allowed.

  • China mobile phones

    I want to buy a new iphone.