Is Steve Jobs testing an Apple Tablet?

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For the past few months, Tim Cook has been overseeing the day to day operations of Apple. But as any fan of Apple would know, there’s no way Steve Jobs is leaving Apple be until the Summer. His last resort was to take time off, so he’ll be firmly in touch with Apple, likely on a daily basis some way or another.

MacRumors is reporting that sources from the Wall Street Journal have this week confirmed those thoughts, saying that Jobs is involved in “key aspects” of the company. Of course, rumors are all we have until his return, but with so much talk of an Apple touch-screen tablet, has Jobs been working on this potential device?

Rumors of parts ordered for a 10-inch tablet device are going around fast. Some say it’s a market that Apple wouldn’t be suited in. As Microsoft’s brilliant adverts explained, Macintosh computers aren’t the cheapest. So is a netbook/tablet really Apple’s game? I’d like to think so. The incredibly popular iPod took the world by storm, and in many ways changed the way we listen to music portably—a device aimed at everyone. Maybe an Apple tablet would change the way we surf the net? How about more voice controls, to search Google on the go, or to import a few photos into iPhoto. As long as they still include a screen, is it sure to be a good device?

Sources say Steve Jobs is on track for his June return; his first public appearance is likely to be WWDC where we’d love to see the third version of the iPhone, and something to put these rumors to rest. That would be a great event for both Apple and consumers.

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  • ewern

    I'd love to see the "i-net". I see it as a larger Newton- and wouldn't it be grand to have the handwriting recognition.