Appletell previews Mock Draft; follow NFL Draft Day on your iPhone

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Mock DraftCategory: Sports
Seller: cgCraft LLC
Requirements: iPhone 2.2 software
Compatibility: iPhone and iPod touch
File Size: 1.1MB
Version Previewed: 1.0.1
Price: $3.99
Age Rating: 4+

For one reason or another, the NFL has yet to embrace the iPhone. Perhaps it feels the iPhone’s hair is too long, or celebrates too much, or doesn’t come from New York, Pittsburgh or Dallas. Or, maybe it’s because of that whole thing they’ve got going on with Sprint. Regardless, third-party developers are stepping up to help you prepare for and follow the announcements coming out of Radio City Music Hall April 25th and 26th, and here, we’re going to take a look at Mock Draft from cGcraft LLC.

Part utility, part research tool, part game, Mock Draft allows you to scout the top 350 draft prospects based on numerous statistics, including school, position rank, 40-yard dash, vertical jump, bench press, the Wonderlic scores, and much more. Highlights are available for some players, but you’ll only be able to access these over WiFi.

Mock Draft

Using this info, you can set up a full 7-round mock draft for all 32 teams (don’t worry…when you start to lose interest or your knowledge runs dry, you can just have the program select the next highest ranked player). You can e-mail your picks to your friends, and make adjustments up through to draft day as stats and rankings change. Such changes are announced by a ref’s whistle when you launch the app, and although informative, these announcements could be more functional. I’d prefer to have the ability to search for changes/news on a particular player or team rather than have to sift through every bit of news to see if there’s anything relevant to me.

The good times, however, should really begin on draft day when you will be able to view your selections next to the actual selections as they come in to see how accurate you were. If you don’t want to set up a mock draft ahead of time, you can still follow along to try to guess the next selection in real time.

Mock Draft

This is all well and good for the football fanatic, but maybe you’re more like me. My interest in the draft begins and ends with the selections from my Seahawks, and I’m not about to sit in front of the TV all day waiting for them to get on the clock. In that case, the Mock Draft is the perfect application. I’ll be able to use it to follow along in real time; when the ref’s whistle sounds, I’ll see who the latest selection was, and know how long until the Seahawks are up again. When their selection is made, I can use Mock Draft to pull up information on the player, and maybe see some highlights. All this while I’m painting the garage or playing some Tenchu on the Wii.

Mock Draft

Because an important part of this app can’t be evaluated until Draft Day has come on gone, this is not a full review. I can say that lead-up to the draft has been accurate and timely, however, and the process of setting up a mock draft is intuitive and quick (depending upon the amount of research you do, of course). The design is basic and somewhat bland, but that allows you to easily find the features you seek. Besides, this is geared towards the football crowd…we’re not really known for our need for flashy designs and modern color combos. Through a letter on a helmet and we’re happy.

And speaking of helmets, I find it very humorous that the developers couldn’t get the rights to show actual NFL logos on the helmet icons. Rather, each team has a unified curved slash design, separated only by colors representative of the actual team. Oh, how I hate you, NFL, while so loving your product.

Mock Draft

In fact, that just makes me feel better about Mock Draft. cgCraft and Apple make the money, not the NFL, so I don’t feel as dirty buying it as I do when I drop another hundred on a new player replica jersey. In fact, in a decidedly un-NFL move, cgCraft is actually lowering the price at the time when demand is greatest. This week only, Mock Draft is selling for $3.99 vs. the normal $4.99. Whether that’s worth it to you will depend upon where you are on draft day, and on how much interest in it you’ll have. If it’s anything from “passing” to “glued to the TV,” check this one out.

And as always…go Seahawks.

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  • Steve

    as as fellow Seahawk fan I love the "go Seahawks" at that end of this :)

  • Kirk Hiner

    Cool, Steve. We must stand up and be counted.

  • james jividen

    Yeah, this is good.

    If it's me, I'm watching the full draft, watching on both ESPN and the NFL Network (before they yank it from Comcast at the end of the month) so the updates (which I can get through other apps) aren't as beneficial to me. Nor do I really need the mock feature, although people do like that sort of thing. However, the screeenshot of the rankings is where I live; if I can set up my own rankings (by position and overall) that's helpful to me.


    Go Niners.