Appletell giveaway: mStation | Mophie Juice Pack Air for iPhone 3G

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Mophie Juice Pack Air

mStation | Mophie announced today the release of their Juice Pack Air battery charger for iPhone 3G, and we want to make sure you get one. The Juice Pack Air is the world’s thinnest Apple-certified external battery for iPhone 3G, virtually doubling the amount of time you can use your iPhone 3G. The case/rechargeable 1200 mAH lithium polymer battery retails for $79.95, but registered Appletell users can enter now for their chance to get one for free.

Juice pack air features an innovative “standby mode” that allows users to control when they want to take advantage of additional battery support versus simply using it as a protective case. The integrated 4 LED charge status indicates how much juice is remaining in the external battery. Unique pass-through design allows users to simultaneously charge their juice pack air and sync their iPhone 3G with iTunes with the included USB cable.

To enter for your chance to win one Juice Pack Air, simply register with Appletell, then tell us in the comment section below what you’ll be doing with your iPhone that requires so much battery time, anyway. This won’t affect who will win, as the winner will be selected randomly from all entrants. We’re just kind of nosy here at Appletell. Also be sure to read the Dabbledoo, LLC Giveaway Rules. We’ll be accepting submissions through Sunday, May 3rd, and will announce the winner the following week. And remember…the Juice Pack Air is only compatible with the iPhone 3G.

Good luck!

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  • Nick

    I need extended battery life when I go to visit my friends on weekends and want the phone to last the whole time. One solid block of games on the commute and I'm down to half.

  • Ponchito

    surfing the net at work

  • Boca Boi 786

    I want it so I can play all the great games that I love on the iphone

    thank you

  • Cascadia Tilth

    This would help with the hour long bus commute, this way I could surf the web and listen to music.

  • jxt

    Surfin, surfin, surfin

  • Adam D

    I would use it for my excessive app use! Too bad i dont have a 3g! i wish they would make this for the 2g iPod Touch!!!!!

  • rheaco

    i need it because …… just because

  • WHBoulware

    I use my iPhone from the time I crawl out of bed in the morning (around 530-6am) read e-mail and news over breakfast and other than showering it rarely leaves my hands until I crawl back into bed around 1130p-midnight. iPhone + Google Manage my work and personal life and having to arrange a mid-day recharge is often challenging, to say the least.

  • mohrineh

    I'm constantly listening to games on the MLB app. Absolutely love it, but man does it drain the battery!

  • laztell

    Save my back during my daily train commute. With enough battery, my IPhone is the perfect replacement for my heaver Macbook.

  • sfmitch

    It seems I use my iPhone for everything. More power is a really good thing – pick me.

  • Kemp

    Would love to win this just to make my iphone stand out among the rest

  • scrano

    I need a an Apple Juice Pack Air badly. I'm a full time care provider for my mother and father and can't afford to ever be out of contact with them when I'm picking up their medication or running another errand. I've been caught out with a flat battery a few times (thankfully no major emergencies yet), but I'm dreading the time it becomes reality. If I were to win one I'd be extremely relieved and grateful. Thanks

  • coolcat

    I currently carry a Griffin TuneJuice for recharging my iPhone when it's battery gets low. I tend to drain it by using BlueTooth all day, surfing the net, playing games (Monopoly ROCKS!) and checking Twitter with Twitterfon.

  • Angel

    Well I'm being on many giveaways and I guess I'm not so lucky but anyways I really need the juice pack air. I had never bought a extra charger or battery for iPhone I believe there is not the one that fit my needs and style but finally is here 2 battery charge and a hard case together amaZing!!

    I need this cause 1. I really will like to try it 2. I use my iPhone the whole day first in the morning check e-mails and twitter. The whole day surfing the web looking what's is new for the iPhone and mac of course I look to www. is my # 1 source in news about apple I visit this page every 6 times per day and follow them in twitter. Also I wash videos on reviews before buy the app and by noon my battery is death. I have to even charge by my wall charger or car charge. I use a lot my iPhone for my work and by the time my phone dies is hard to work with my iPhone I hope appletell can help on that

    Thanks guys for this giveaways

  • makemineamac

    I, too, use my iPhone all day, all the time – for walking project sites I'm working on, and documenting what I see there with photos and text, then sending it out to peers, to taking absolutely random photos, which I love to be able to do, to broadcasting live video on Qik, to playing Flight Path – damn it's addictive – and of course, for Twittering and Facebook. I'm burnin' the power up!

    I need a Juice Pack Air Bailout please!

  • MarkC

    As the local volunteer fire chief I use my iPhone to view PDF maps, Google Earth and get online HazMat information during emergencies.

  • midnightcry

    I use my phone to check used book prices and hate to run out of power in the middle of a treasure hunt.

  • Connor P

    I have a week of programming camp at stanford and will want all day access to my phone.

  • alg77

    I travel internationally and could use the extra power on the long flights.

  • bakana

    Gps. I travel and get lost alot. Researching places to eat on the go, youtube, ipod, and talk time just kills the battery.

  • Kirk Hiner

    Good point. I must've accidentally edited that out, but it's now back in. We'll be taking submissions through Sunday, May 3rd.

  • Terry

    I use my iPhone for everything, but I especially need extra battery life hiking with MotionX GPS and applications. There not many places to recharge on the trail !!!

  • Cascadia Tilth

    1. I wasn't logged in when I commented.
    2.When does this contest end? According to rule #4 of Dabbledoo giveaway rules the entry period including end date is supposed to be posted on the giveaway page but I don't see it.

  • iphone3greviewer2009

    I use my iphone as a caculator at school 😀 and i use it to listen to music and play games while im in the car ride

  • Tad Ghostal

    I would need the additional battery time for all of the time's I find myself playing Zynga's online poker game… It's quite addictive.

  • Boca Boi 786

    please please please please please
    did I mention please

  • bhbobbyhill

    I use my iphone as a dictionary and i make a lot of calls because i do have to call a lot of people for my job.

  • ericwuzneverhere

    i have to type notes at school for my classes on my ipod and i usually run out of batteries because i use my iphone for music at the same time

  • hao.t

    i review a lot of cases and i would like to try this out. Also when im at work i have to take my charger,but with this this would allow me NOT to take my charger.

  • stephenb

    Long days traveling.

  • Devon N Campbell

    I would love not to have to balance gaming with other phone uses. I often find myself deciding not to play a game so as to give myself ample talking/surfing/texting/GPS time.

  • kosherbacon

    GPS when hiking sucks battery life dry! I needs me a juice pack air!

  • sidesey

    I use it for work, games, email, web browsing, twitter, youtube, reading books, and using many apps, too many to mention. Occasionally when I have battery life I make a phone call too!

  • kitrax

    I would use it so I can keep my I am rich application open all day!

  • BearsFan34

    If I were to win the Mophie JuicePack, it would definitely come in handy at my workplace. I'm the IT guy for PCs and Macs, and am often away from my desk working on computers either in this huge building or at one of our remote campuses. I need to have "Push" on to receive email about work issues, and that drains my battery like crazy; not to mention that I like the "solitude" of my iPhone while on the job, I always have either a podcast or music playing.

  • davjaxn

    My son loves to play games, especially Spore Origins, on my iPhone while we are in the car. Only problem is, the battery is drained when he is done! Sure, I have a car charger but more battery life is even better!

  • Mark Nylund

    I am continually listening to books via the iPod capability and always end up with a dead iPhone driving home from work each night, and need to be tied to a power source from then on.

  • larock

    As a soldier in the California National Guard who is preparing for a deployment, I will be using all the extra juice for all the "hurry up and wait" time that is in my future. Movies, web browsing, calling home…….

  • Drake

    Surfing the web (on very slow EDGE), playing games, and texting various friends on a 50 minute bus ride home can burn a battery out. Not to mention, when I get home, I surf the web more and go ALL OUT on twitter!! Plus, my friends always have to play with it. So please, Juice Pack Air me, baby!

  • wizard

    I want to be able to take long trips and not worry about having to find an outlet or USB cable to borrow power. How will I use the juice? reply to emails, watch video, music, and when the at&t service isn't crappy — talk on the phone — CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW???

  • pafisher2

    I live in Chicago and I use my phone constantly on public transit. I could definitely use the extra battery life, since my iPhone is my entertainment during my commutes. I drain my battery before I can even get home.

  • iphonelover

    OMG OMG this would so boost my text time. if i do ever get this i would use it to listen to music longer. one question! if you drop it like a normal case would the battery break?

  • Letanto

    I'd just enjoy listening to more music, honestly. Oh, and browsing! ;D

  • Don

    I never have won anything, and if I could win this Juice Pack Air, I can say I won something, and it is something I really could use on my long trips.

  • jairo

    What is iPhone?

  • Chronol0gy

    If I have jury duty or when I Tracel this is great.

  • dale

    Will be nice to have for the days when i forget to charge my iphone and am out and about.

  • Amanda

    Unfortunately I am hooked on apps. I have a ton of them and play and dilly dally on them all day long. Thanks for the giveaway!!

  • Patrick

    I need extended battery life so that I can listen to music, check my email, play solitaire and keep doing that while I travel and forget to charge up a night.



  • slurm

    Somehow my fiance kills her batteries almost twice a day, so id probably give it to her to be nice…