Apple’s App Store serves billionth app download

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One billion app downloadsCongratulations to Apple for now serving over one billion app downloads on the App Store. It’s quite an accomplishment, and we haven’t even been able to celebrate the first anniversary of the App Store’s opening.

In fact, it only took 9 months to reach a billion. It’s not hard to see that the App Store is likely the biggest reason users love their iPhones. Every iPhone I’ve ever laid eyes on has pages upon pages of apps, most of which are amazing.

As part of the celebration, Apple will be giving away a 17″ MacBook Pro, an 32GB iPod Touch, a $10,000 iTunes Gift Certificate and an Apple Time Capsule. The winner will be announced soon, seeing as the billionth download has occurred. I’m betting it won’t take another 9 months to see 2 billion downloads. I’m also betting Apple won’t be giving away almost $14,000 worth of stuff next time either, but that’s okay.

So, a billion downloads have occurred, and you likely have been a part of that. Which one of those 1 billion is your favorite? I’m going to have to answer Byline because it’s the best RSS reader available on the app store. Leave your favorite in the comments.

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