Turn by Turn GPS only an update away for the iPhone

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TomTom GPS running on the iPhone?

Since the last Apple event, when Scott Forstall (SVP iPhone Software) told us that turn by turn GPS would be coming for iPhone 3.0, developers have been working hard at producing the best possible app. Their efforts were hampered slightly because Apple couldn’t allow them to use Google Maps as a base for their GPS software, so they needed to either find a replacement or design their own.

XRoad currently has a version of G-Map in the App Store. It’s the closest possible to true GPS navigation, but the turn by turn and voice features are still missing until 3.0. XRoad released the latest built of their newest project and sent a copy to TapCritic. After TapCritic played with it for a while, they took a video to show off some of the features. You can see the video below:

From watching the video, it’s obvious that XRoad has produced a very polished application. Everything from a standalone GPS unit appears to be there, yet it’ll all be part of your phone. I’m sure there are other companies working on great GPS applications that’ll be ready for the App Store as soon as 3.0 is released. For quite some time, TeleNav spoke about their future GPS application. It’s also apparent that TomTom have tried their software running on the OS 3.0, but said they would need to “look more closely to Apple’s strategy before we can say more about what kind of opportunities this will bring us,” according to MSNBC.

Is Turn-by-Turn GPS one of your most awaited features? Feel it should’ve been included since day one? Let us know your comments below!

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  • Adam Berger

    Really looking forward to this.

  • Renate

    I have been search for days looking for a gps turn by turn, finally I found this article. Unbelievable that there is not a voice gps for iphone. My friend has a Verizon phone and I saw her's yesterday and that made me want one even more.I even asked the AT&T rep if this phone has navigation and he said yes. Who can drive and look at their phone at the same time?