Appletell reviews the G-DRIVE Q external hard drive

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Q Front
Provides: Extrernal Storage
Developer: G-Technology
Minimum Requirements: USB 2.0+ or Firewire 400, 800 or ESATA
Price: $169-329
Availability: Now

G-Technology is known for their smooth lines and clean designs. The G-Drive Q is no exception. It’s the classiest way to add storage to your Mac. It’s a great way to add gigabytes to your Mac for any of the great reasons that you might have, whether that would be backing up home movies or important documents, adding more space for TV recordings, or just plain being responsible with Time Machine.

We’ve seen one other drive come through the Appletell labs from G-Technology: the G-Drive Mini. Consider this its big brother. It has the same look and feel to it. It still has that amazing Apple-like curved brushed aluminum case elevated from the ground beneath it. The biggest difference is size. It’s bigger mainly because it’s a desktop drive. This one is meant to be set down once and almost never moved ever again. That doesn’t mean you can’t move it around a bit, but it’s intended to know its place.

Q Back

It may be bigger than the G-Drive Mini, but it’s not without good reason. The G-DRIVE Q has a pretty sweet feature list as far as external drives go. It can connect to your Mac over FireWire 400, 800, USB 2.0 or eSATA. They call this the quad interface. The bigger size also allows for a desktop sized hard drive, which tends to spin faster (7200RPM) and come in larger capacities. The Q comes in the following denominations: 500GB, 750GB, 1TB and 1.5TB.

Oh, did I mention it was fast, like 100+ MB/second fast. That should be enough for anything you can throw at this little beast. Think video or audio editing fast. This means you won’t be waiting for the hard drive any more, that is, if you currently wait for that sort of thing. So, even if you have a slower drive on the inside of your machine, like in say a Mac Mini, you could add this and resolve the issue, again, if there is one.

Time Machine is, great, and certainly is a good enough reason for you to buy one of these on it’s own, but a potentially more useful purpose is to use this for extra storage for video. If you have a camcorder, or perhaps a TV recorder like an EyeTV Hybrid, then this can really help you put away tons of video.

Now, one of the things that’s always needed some explaining from me when I recommend G-Technology drives is the price. This time I think you’ll find the premium to be much more reasonable. You have to remember that you’re buying more than just a hard drive, you’re buying a matching accessory for your Mac. So while $169 is certainly not the best deal that can be had for an external drive with 500GB of space, it’s a darn good deal for a hard drive you aren’t embarrassed to actually put on your desk.

The G-DRIVE Q comes ready to go. Inside the box are all of the cables you’d need to actually connect it, along with the power brick, which is admittedly less than elegant. It comes preformatted as HFS+ with Journaling so you can use it right away, and you also have the option of dedicating it to Time Machine use.

The more external drives I see on the market, the more reasons I find to back up my opinion that the only drive that doesn’t require hiding from sight is a drive from G-Technology. The G-DRIVE Q is a feature-full, yet affordable drive that’s worth showing off.

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G-DRIVE Q Review


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  • Jon

    question that i haven't been able to find anyway. It might be a dumb question but i don't have a mac yet or one of these drives to test it, but i'm picking up a iMac in January. with the 2 firewire 800 ports. does that allow me to add other onto it? for example if i have a firewire audio interface (since macs only have 1 firewire port) can i connect the interface behind the harddrive?


  • Jake Gaecke

    If there are two ports, you are certainly allowed to use both. This product will not act as an extender of sorts, but there's nothing restricting you from using the two ports on an iMac.

  • Rich

    Can you connect more than one computer to this at the same time?