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TweetMicCategory: Social Networking
Seller: Voicetal LLC
Requirements: Twitter account, internet connection, iPhone OS 2.2.1+
Compatibility: iPhone and iPod touch (2nd generation)
File Size: 0.5MB
Version Reviewed: 1.0
Price: $0.99

TweetMic is an app that lets you post audio messages to your Twitter account from the comfort of your iPhone nearly anywhere, provided you have a decent internet connection. The application is simple. It does what it’s supposed to relatively well, and, honestly, little else.

TweetMicAfter you’ve launched TweetMic, you get a handful of controls, which could be clearer in their purposes. You have rewind, record, play and post buttons. Above these controls sits a text box that is somehow significantly smaller than the allowed length of a Twitter message. There is also a timer so you know how long your recording is, and a volume gauge. Finally, at the bottom you have four tabs that, among other things, allow you to see your personal Twitter feed.

To record a message, all you have to do is hit the record button (after doing the quick and easy Twitter account setup). Then, after you decide that your message sucks, either by assumption or actually listening to it with the play button, you can start over from the beginning. This makes total sense, since who would want to pause for a moment, and then tack on more to that previous recording right? I mean, that just wouldn’t ever be helpful, ever. Never, ever ever. Okay, I’m trying to say that’s a bit of a flub.

There really should be more recording options, but perhaps that isn’t the point of this app. While you can record as long as you want to (without breaks), the whole point of Twitter is what’s on your mind right now, and I’m sure the developer would argue that if you wanted to add more content to your Tweetcast, then perhaps you should Tweet again.

One thing that does really suck about this app is the upload time. For some reason, even over 3G, upload times are about twice the recording time of the message in my testing. This is borderline unacceptable. I don’t care if the app warns that upload times are lengthy, this is ridiculous. I’m positive that there is a better codec for encoding with concern to size and upload times.

Also be aware that this isn’t going to be a replacement for your normal Twitter app. The only thing it does is upload audio clips. You can’t view your friends’ tweets, nor can you post a non audio tweet. It’s not really a problem, just something to know.

I’d feel much more comfortable recommending this app if upload times were better. If they get that fixed, then this app will be quite useful, considering how fun the idea really is. Now, if they could figure out a way to restrict access to certain Tweetcasts, you could direct-message someone an audio clip and use Twitter like voice mail! Perhaps in a future version. But really, this app is cheap enough to just buy if you think you’ll use it even a handful of times.

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  • Amy

    I like the App and use it. I think it's a great addition to the twitter landscape. I agree that upload times are sometimes long, but when I talked to the developers it made sense, they do compress the audio significantly but the problem seems to be carrier cell network upload speeds. WiFI is very fast for me and 3G speed are usually good depending on location. EDGE can be really slow at times and quite reasonable at other times. It seems to depend on location a lot and network congestion maybe.
    My point is that it's not really fair to ask developers to fix upload speeds on a carrier cell network, one should complain to your carrier about that sort of thing. Cell network uploads are slower than downloads like on home DSL lines and on EDGE they're almost like dial-up modems as there wasn't much to work with in download speed to begin with. I guess I'd rather have the ability to upload and wait outside WiFI than not at all. There is a warning in the app about cell networks to the App's defense. But like you said, it's for tweeting and the idea is always to keep it short on twitter, so keep I keep my big spiels to WiFI if I can :-)

  • redsox22

    Also see the app called twitsmart — it provides the same type of audio capability, but also includes a full twitter client, the ability to attach photos, and it's FREE!