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diNovo Edge Mac Edition
Product: Bluetooth Keyboard
Developer: Logitech
Minimum Requirements: Mac OS X v10.4+, Bluetooth
Price: $159.99
Availability: Now

Logitech is known for keyboards, and rightfully so. Years of keyboard experience have enabled them to create a keyboard that’s good enough to deserve a Mac edition. They’ve really outdone themselves with the diNovo Edge Mac Edition Bluetooth keyboard.

Inside the diNovo Edge box is the keyboard itself, the charging base, adapter and a CD. The CD has some software that allows you to customize some aspects of the keyboard, like what the shortcut keys do.

The keyboard itself has a few tricks up its sleeve. Not only does it have the standard Apple keyboard layout complete with the Command key (no more irritating Windows keys), but it has shortcut keys similar to an Apple keyboard and, wait for it, a track pad. The track pad is oddly circular in shape, but it’s for a good reason; I’m pretty sure it’s supposed to remind you of an iPod’s click wheel. It tracks like normal, allowing you to tap to click (sorry no two finger tap gestures for right clicking), but it does allow you to scroll vertically or horizontally with a gesture similar to using an iPod’s click wheel. Oh, and did I mention there is a volume slider to go along with the media playback controls? Well, there is.

diNovo Edge Mac Edition sideThis keyboard really has everything you could need to control your Mac. It’s not going to replace the need for a mouse, but it’s absolutely perfect for a Mac that is attached to a TV. It combines the keyboard and mouse into one rechargeable device that works perfectly with your Mac over bluetooth, not to mention it matches perfectly too.

I’ve been a big fan on Apple keyboards for years, and I’m a huge fan of the newest Apple keyboards because of their key style. I love how the keys barely travel any distance at all, and how flat they are. I love how the style almost perfectly matches my MacBook Pro (white vs. black keys). But when it comes to wireless versions, Logitech blows Apple’s bluetooth keyboard out of the park.

There’s no competition, really. It’s possible that I have had several defective Apple bluetooth keyboards, but after trying more than a couple, I’ve determined that they work very poorly without a wire. Sometimes it feels like I’ve forgotten how to type, or how long I should hold down a key before it starts repeeeeeeeeeeeeeeating. When I’m typing, I want to be typing as fast as I can, and the only thing that should slow me down should be my own ability, or speed of thought, not the keyboard itself.

diNovo Edge Mac Edition with iMac

The diNovo Edge is heaven to type on. I don’t like the keys quite as much as I like the keys on the newest Apple keyboards, but the experience is very similar. What really makes it a superb product is the fact that it’s ready to use at a moment’s notice; you don’t have to wait for it to connect (looking at you, Apple bluetooth). You also don’t have to worry about it typing inaccurately, or its batteries dying. I really struggled to find something wrong with this keyboard, mostly because there isn’t anything wrong with it. The only suggestion I can think of for a future version is to have some multitouch gestures for the track pad. While the click wheel style scrolling is a good idea, I like the two fingered gesture I’ve become accustomed to with my MacBook’s trackpad for right clicking and scrolling. But this is an extremely minor point.

Okay, so there might be just one thing wrong with this keyboard. You get what you pay for, and the Logitech diNovo Edge Mac Edition keyboard is by no means cheap. If you look online, you’ll be able to find this keyboard for less than $159.99, but it will easily be more expensive than Apple’s bluetooth keyboard no matter what. But then again, it has a trackpad, it actually works, you won’t need to buy batteries, it looks great and it actually works. If you buy one keyboard, make it a Logitech diNovo Edge Mac Edition. You won’t be sorry.

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  • Adam Berger

    I use one for my PC and have to say that I find myself really missing the number pad.