Next iPhone named? iPhone Video?

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AT&T drop down box with iPhone Video choice
If you’ve saved up both money and vacation time just to be able to purchase the next generation iPhone, then you’ll be excited to hear the name given to the object of your blind affection. According to an anonymous tip to TUAW, Apple’s next generation of iPhone will be named “iPhone Video.”

Along with the tip came the screenshot above of what appears to be an AT&T device support page. While it looks real, this is among the easiest of images to fake. Not only is it a picture of a computer screen instead of a screen grab, it isn’t even anything fancy. It’s just AT&T’s support page with a different set of options in a drop down box as seen through Safari. Did AT&T switch to Mac? This doesn’t even need to be ‘shopped; HTML skills are all it takes.

That said, I wouldn’t be surprised if this is the real name. There have been enough rumors going around about the next iPhone supporting video. Whether that means just taking video, or streaming video iChat-style as well are two different questions. If it could do both, Apple would have done it again. And if they do, what does that mean for the next iPod Touch? Flip video killer? Hopefully we’ll find out before long.

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