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Nambu Twitter client

Provides: Twitter client/social networking management
Format: Download (10.6 MB)
System Requirements: Mac OS X v10.5
Review Computer: 2GHz 17″ Intel Core 2 Duo iMac, 1GB RAM, 256MB ATI Radeon 1600
Price: Free
Availability: Out now (beta)

The signal-to-noise ratio for Twitter is starting to reach a critical stage; you can get so caught up with the amount of information—if that is the proper word for Twitter—coming at you from so many sources that at this point you need a way of filtering what you see and when you see it, along with a method of handling the information that you put out there.

Nambu, currently in beta, is the latest Twitter/social networking client that helps you juggle all this data. At its heart, it’s a simple Twitter app; you can post your 140 character messages to the world. But Nambu also lets you manage multiple Twitter accounts, lets you coordinate them with Twitter-friendly services like (an Open Source version of Twitter) and FriendFeed ( support for posting to other services is supposed to be forthcoming, but currently disabled). So, with one application you can send updates to several services, rather that updating each one manually. Another benny; it features Growl support.

Posting long URLs and pictures is handled by two other services: and, which require you to register for an account. I would like to have seen more options here, especially ones that don’t require another damn log-in, but one account works with both services, which not only store your links and pictures, but give you information on how many clicks, etc. your link has recieved (note, however, that this info is not unique to your link, but to the shortened URL in general). Speaking of links, Nambu also keeps a list of all the URLs you’ve sent or recieved, and expands them for you. Trending topics, the current hot fad on Twitter, also gets a screen, broken down by “Current” trends, today, and this week.

Nambu has three layouts. One column simply displays all your accounts in one panel. The two column view has a feel to it; the first column breaks each of your accounts down by Feed, mentions, DMs, posts you’ve sent, favorites, and then allows you to filter people you follow into groups (the default being Business, Family, and Friends, though you can edit these to your liking).

The third view resembles TweetDeck and gives you a series of columns that you can arrange and filter as you like: main feed, friends, groups, direct replies, etc. Any category that can be created in the two column view can become its own panel.

I’m not sure that the world needs another Twitter client, but I must say the Nambu beta looks promising, especially for those who use Twitter in a business regard. It easily allows you to organize your feeds and to customize it to suit your needs, and while the URL shortening and Picture features are limited to one service each, those services help you keep track of your links and their popularity.

Product [Nambu]

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