iPhone OS on a large touchscreen monitor

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iPhone 3GSEveryone knows the iPhone OS is both beautiful and extremely functional on the relatively small (compared to a computer) screen. However, if you take that beauty on a 3.5 inch device and place it on a much large monitor, it looks even better. And that’s exactly what some creative guys did using a Mac Pro and a large touch screen monitor. It appears to work just as if it were on the iPhone, and it seems really awesome.

Although it may be hard to confirm how legit this video actually is, it would be hard to fake something that looks so real. It is really neat to see the iPhone OS working on such a large screen, and almost makes it seem as if this is how an Apple tablet could one day work. I’m sure the guys on the video put a lot of time and effort into this project, and I’m glad to see it turned out really well for them! What are your thoughts?

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  • Connor Bevans

    This is clearly fake. Firstly, the company who produced this is an SFX company, and secondly, the monitor they're using seems to be a regular dell. Either they composited the iPhone footage in later, or they simply had a person behind the camera play a video slideshow and have the "user" mime actions. I also don't get the idea of having an Apple tablet using an upgraded iPhone OS.

  • Josh Holat

    I'm with you on that one. In fact, there has been recent new that it has been confirmed fake I believe (which I'm sure didn't take much investigating).

  • Mike M

    It looks fake to me as well plus he's holding an apple remote in his other hand possibly clicking as he touches.

  • leeum

    uumm.. i might have believed it, until he turned the screen and it auto rotated.. im pretty sure there is no reason a screen would ever have a accelerometer in it.. lol..

  • shawn

    leeum…there are many video systems that will rotate like that…

    But I doubt it's true either due to the response times. iphones just don't move that quick (usually) and you add in the data transfer rate…and I'm just not buying it either…