Gaming accessories coming to iPod touch and iPhone with OS 3.0

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iPod touch game accessoriesToday is the day when Apple will release the iPhone OS 3.0 upgrade, and on their iPod touch upgrade page they mention gaming accessories as being a new feature/option of the upgrade. Will the iPod touch (and by extension iPhone) finally be getting enough buttons for serious gaming?

There really are no other details quite yet, but I wouldn’t be surprised if we start seeing controller attachments for the iPhone and iPod touch. Who knows, you might finally get that physical keyboard you think you so desperately need.

Product [iPod touch Software Update]

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  • Adam D

    Sweet! i've been waiting forever for a plug in gaming accessory! This way your fingers won't take up all the screen!

  • Ronnie Williams

    Sounds good, but the controls have to be of high quality. The controls can’t just be an after thought. I doubt it will include a joystick (nub) like the PSP. Also, its graphics still fall far behind the PSP. The quality of programming or the limits of the ipod touch/iphone’s hardware increases day by day and they will overcome on this fact as they did good enough development in <a href="iphone" rel="nofollow">">iphone accessories.