Does this case reveal the next generation iPod touch?

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iPod touch 3G

We’ve received a tip with a link to, an online retailer that is marketing a silicone skin for, apparently, the iPod touch 3G. The case is on backorder, of course (until a random Tuesday in September, perhaps?), and is selling for $1.69. The big difference between this and other cases? A hole at the top back that our tipster feels could indicate the inclusion of a camera.

Of course, a camera in an iPod touch doesn’t make much sense at this point. Apple won’t want the touch to come too close to the iPhone’s feature set, and the addition of a camera could pull even more customers away from the iPhone and its rate plan. A weaker argument is that the site states the case fits the 8GB and 16GB iPod touch 3G model. When Apple does release the next iPod touch, it’s likely they’ll follow their typical upgrade policy and drop the 8GB model from the lineup, bumping instead to 16GB and 32GB.

Better evidence that this isn’t real is the fact that Apple tends to not release model designs to case manufacturers this early. Indeed, many companies with whom I’ve spoken have no idea what a new model will look like until it’s released. And these are top name accessory developers. After all, it wasn’t until a few days to a week after the release of the iPhone 3G S that case developers were able to announce that their 3G cases were compatible. Why so long? Because they had to wait like the rest of us to get their hands on one to test. If they couldn’t even get that basic bit of information early from Apple, am I’m to believe somehow got this info in time to design, develop and manufacture a case possibly months before we even see a new touch?

So, why even post this? Because we love the conversations they generate. New Apple products are fun to anticipate, and the touch is due for an upgrade. Of course, the Classic is in more desperate need of something new, but we’ll save that conversation for the next anonymous tip.

Product [Anti-slip Silicone Skin Case for iPod Touch 3G 8GB 16GB Red]

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  • George

    I believe you meant to write : A hole at the top back… and not A whole at the top back…

    And your assumption that it is for a camera is off, as the real reason for the hole is for the new integrated wrist strap at the bottom of the device. And your picture is upside down!

  • Kirk Hiner

    Fixed, George. Too early to be posting article, I guess.

    And I agree with you on the camera. Remember this isn't OUR assumption and picture. The photo is posted as shown at Uxsight, where they have it listed under an iPod touch 3rd Gen category, and they where they specifically point out, "Has a hole for a camera on the back."

    But it's not upside down. The headphone jack opening is properly placed on the bottom, and the volume buttons can be clearly seen on the upper left where they should be.

  • George

    The upside down and wrist strap comment was just an attempt at humor. Whenever we try to second guess Apple on features, they come out of the blue with something completely different that in retrospect fits within the bounds of the rumor.

  • Kirk Hiner

    Fair enough, George.

  • bob

    i think most can safely predict that ipod touch 3g will be shaped much like the ipod touch 2g. usually its shape follows the iphone's. the 1st iphone had a flat back – so did ipod touch 1g. iphone 3g had curved back, so did ipod touch 2g. iphone 3gs had same design as iphone 3g ipod touch 3g… altho they dont know exactly where the cam is (if the next ipod has 1 – it cud hv gps and forget the cam so it keeps the same shape). most can assume that its not at the bottom or middle – that leaves the top. just dont know where cam will be cos ipod has wifi receiver where iphone has cam. so either move the the wifi receiver or put the cam on the opposite side. just saying predicitng the shape of the next ipod touch wont be so hard. just like ipod classic hasnt really changed in a long time.
    i doubt there will be a cam on the next gen ipod – probably something like better processor and more battery.
    this photo doesnt prove anything. the hole isnt even in the shape of iphone's cam.

  • John

    " Of course, a camera in an iPod touch doesn’t make much sense at this point. Apple won’t want the touch to come too close to the iPhone’s feature set, and the addition of a camera could pull even more customers away from the iPhone and its rate plan. "

    Quoting the original poster(Kirk Hiner) who made this article, I have to maybe agree in some points on the sake of his argument of the reason apple might want to refuse to put a camera on a I-pod Touch but in the other hand I don't see the reason apple omitting it from its design. We all know that ipod-touch and the I-phone has some similarity on its design almost looking identical from the front side until you turn to its backside that it has a stainless steel rather than a plastic case and the camera. But beside the point, I think that if apple decide to add a camera, it would be an great addition cause, not only you will get to browse your photos on your Ipod-touch but take pictures on the go.

    Apple would be silly-billy if they dont add a camera to its ipod-touch device, and decide to add some features that really be necessary but not much of an importance as a camera. The latest and stronger rumors going out there on the internet is that the Ipod-touch will have external speakers; voice *control to take commands with our voice to control our playlists; more ram, faster processor, more battery life.