App It Up: The Weather Channel

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The Weather Channel LogoCategory: Weather
Developer: The Weather Channel Interactive
Requirements: iPhone OS 2.0 or later
Compatibility: iPhone and iPod Touch
File Size: 5.0MB

What is it?

As the name implies, this application is used to get complete coverage of the weather in your local area. It is a tab bar application full of various ways of getting the weather information.

How does it work?

It works by using the iPhone’s GPS to find your location and then offering you the weather for that area. However, there is also the ability to look up any area, as you could’ve guessed. Furthermore, these locations can be saved for easy access later. Weather can be viewed by the hour or up to 10 days from the current date.

The Weather Channel

This weather application is ad supported, as it is free, but it does have some neat features. For instance, it uses Google Maps to show the radar over your current area if you enjoy checking out the weather that way. There are also some neat settings for the map on the application, and you can also view videos of what the forecast will be like for your local area, which is helpful.


  • Location area weather finding
  • Google Map with possible overlay of various types of weather
  • Warnings of severity for possible weather conditions in your area
The Weather Channel Map>

App it Up, Sum it Up

As far as weather apps go, you can’t get much more simple than getting data from itself. That said, the application could use a little polishing. It does crash once in a while, and the interface can be slow. However, it is free and the data is good, so those minor downfalls are worth it.

Cost – Free
Worth the Money? – What money? It’s definitely worth a look!
Availability – Now, at the iTunes App Store.

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  • Donna

    Dear Weather Channel: 08/19/2009

    We would like to see some coverage of our coast (Florida) How Hurricane Bill is effecting our tides. Is there anything behind Bill?

    Thanks for doing a good job.