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When it comes to gaming, the iPhone is an unusually fun platform on which to get your fix. With all sorts of games ranging from classic titles to new 3D breakout games, there is something for everyone. That said, there is a nice variety of games based around words. They all offer their own type of interface and gameplay, and each is interesting in its own way.

In this app review round up, we will be looking at iAssociate, WordSolitaire, Wordulous, and Lexulous.


iAssociate IconDeveloper: Fredrik Wahrman
Requirements: iPhone or iPod touch, iPhone OS 2.0 or later
File Size: 0.2MB
Price: $1.99
Appletell Rating: 4/5
App Store Link: iAssociate

iAssociate is a word connection game that involves finding words similar to other words in order to create a large web of words. The game starts with one bold word and a few branches off to blank words with a number representing how long they are. The user is to fill in these blank words by choosing words that are commonly used with the bold word that you start with. The game will let you know if you get any of the beginning letters right until you finish the word. Then, it turns bold as well and creates even more branches in the web.

iAssociate Gameplay

Overall, I really enjoyed this game. It was fun to try and discover some of the words that I and others relate to other words in our lives. Also, some of the words aren’t as easy as others, adding a degree of difficulty to the game which creates more fun, in my opinion. The progress screen shows users the status they’ve reached through each level so they know when they can begin a new web.

All in all, this was a pleasantly entertaining game.


WordSolitaire IconDeveloper: Candywriter
Requirements: iPhone or iPod touch, iPhone OS 2.2.1 or later
File Size: 5.2MB
Price: $0.99
Appletell Rating: 3/5
App Store Link: WordSolitaire

WordSolitaire is exactly what it sounds like—a solitaire game that uses words rather than cards and numbers. Other than this detail, the gameplay is very similar to normal solitaire. The user is able to drag cards around the screen in a very easy to use interface and create words with the cards available. By creating words, the user gains points and gets closer to defeating the round.

Word Solitaire Gameplay>

This game was pretty fun overall, but I also found it to be somewhat weird at times. When you get a point in the game where you know you can’t make any more moves (and the program knows, as well, I presume), the game should end and let the user know. I found myself trying to create random words to see if they worked, but the app has a surprisingly nice dictionary to know which words are right.

In summary, it was an enjoyable game.


Wordulous IconDeveloper: 99Games Online Private Limited
Requirements: iPhone or iPod touch, iPhone OS 2.1 or later
File Size: 9.6MB
Price: $0.99
Appletell Rating: 3/5
App Store Link: Wordulous

Wordulous, another word game, involves starting a game with a random six letters and a chalk board with a bunch of blank words (i.e. it shows dashes in the list instead of the words). As the user, you create words using the letters you started with and check to see if they are okay. When they are, you receive points and the word shows up on the chalkboard. When they aren’t, you lose points and start the word over.

Wordulous Gameplay

I love the idea of this game, and this developer has executed the idea very well. That said, the game itself was somewhat too thought out. During the creation of the words, I noticed that sometimes I would pick random letters (that I wasn’t sure would form a word) and then check to see if they were. Some of the time these random words were. This is sort of weird in that there were words in the game of which I’ve never heard (and some I even questioned if they were actual words). That said, the game itself was really interesting.


Lexulous IconDeveloper: Rajar Agarwalla
Requirements: iPhone or iPod touch, iPhone OS 2.0 or later
File Size: 0.8MB
Price: $3.99
Appletell Rating: 3/5
App Store Link: Lexulous

Lexulous is a scrabble-based word game that is intertwined with Facebook. This game involves starting a game with another user over Facebook and alternating turns over the internet in a game of online scrabble. The interface consists of drag and drop game pieces as well as the ability to zoom in and out on the game board. It works much like real scrabble does.

Lexulous Gameplay

Although I am a huge fan of Scrabble, this game didn’t really do it for me. Since it is all based online over Facebook Connect, a few things must be true for it to work: 1.) You’ll need an internet connection, 2.) You’ll need to find a game partner who plays back relatively quickly, or else you’ll find yourself staring at the screen not even knowing if that user is logged on, and 3.) You’ll need patience, since most user-based actions require something on the server end that leaves you waiting for the internet connection.

I do love the idea, but I don’t think the iPhone is right for this type of thing.

Appletell’s Word Game Winner

All of these games were fun in their own way, as I said. However, if I were to choose one that I would spend my money on, it would be iAssociate. This game offered a well-put-together interface as well as interesting and challenging gameplay. It got me thinking, and really made sense to me. That said, each game is worth the money in the end, and I would recommend you check them all out, if you want. Some of them do have lite versions available.

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  • marvin

    have you tried Textropolis, it is by far the best game on my iphone. I find myself playing it whenever I have a few minutes. Thanks recommendations, I will check them after i complete Textropolis.


  • 99Games

    Hey Josh, Thanks a lot for including Wordulous in the Word game round up. Glad you liked the game. We've indeed thought in depth about all the features. Regarding seeing unusual words on the board, unlike other word games, Wordulous provides an opportunity for the players to learn as they play.

    Sure, you might not have heard some of the words before, but that's because Wordulous uses the official scrabble Word list . Players can play using SOWPODS (267,000 British and American words), TWL (179,000 American words), or ENABLE (173,000 North American words).

    With version 1.2, we've included a feature to look up meaning of words formed from three different sources, so just tap on the word to know what it means.

    In the next update, another surprise feature has been added which adds a lot more fun to the game.


  • Steve

    Another word game worth checking out for the iPhone is Lexel. It's really addicting!

  • Jennifer

    Thanks for this! These are great. I also like Word Tower — kind of like tetris, boggle, and scrabble in one

  • green laser pointer

    I'd like to play free iphone games

  • Karen

    I recommend Wordweaver. It gives you the freedom of moving around a woven lattice to uncover new letters or special tiles.

  • Snowed in again

    I'd like to see another person's review of The Word Chase. I play it constantly and like it, but I'm the only avid word gamer I know. Anyone else tried it?

  • perfect lasers

    The games on Iphone are really very interesting. I like them very much.

  • candywriter

    Thanks for the nice review of Word Solitaire! We are thrilled that you enjoy the game.

    I just wanted to address the point about getting stuck in a game. We tried to keep Word Solitaire as close to the original Klondike as possible. In regular Klondike, its very easy to get stuck, but in Word Solitaire, while it is possible to get stuck, it is rare that some determination cannot dig you out of the "verbal hole" you have dug yourself into. I personally have spent over an hour on a level on several different occasions just to see if I can escape, and more often than not, I have been able to.

    In the process of developing the game, we decided to go with an algorithm that generates games randomly to ensure that the user never sees the same set of cards twice. In making that decision, we precluded the possibility of processing each move to determine if the game is winnable. Therefore, the option to "surrender" is available at any time.


  • astronomy lasers

    Iphone games are always full of challenges and briliance, they are all very interesting games.
    support it!

  • military lasers

    the games on iPhone are always very interesting and attractive. they are my favorite!

  • Joel Reingold

    Don't forget to mention SCRUZZLEWORD.

    One of the first original word games on iPhone and still one of the best!