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TweetdeckCategory: Twitter client
Developer: Lain Dodsworth
Minimum Requirements: iPhone OS 2.0
Compatibility: iPhone and iPod touch
File Size: 1.0 MB
Price: Free
Availability: Now
Version Reviewed: 1.0.1

When I previewed the Tweetdeck beta for OS X, I called it the Photoshop of Twitter clients; an extremely powerful tool for people who needed to filter a lot of information on Twitter. At the time, it was a lot more power than I needed, but as I use Twitter more and more, searching posts and users, I’ve come to rely on it as my primary client.

Now there’s a Tweetdeck client for iPhone that provides a lot of the same tools, as well as synching information between the two.

tweetdeck iphone main column

The layout of the iPhone/iPod touch client will be familiar to Tweetdeck users: a series of columns, each filtering Twitter in different ways. The defaults (after entering your Twitter info) are All Friends, mentions (any post that includes your @username), and Direct Messages. You can add additional columns (and delete any of the defaults) based on search results you want to track, filtering friends into groups (my wife uses one to keep track of her birdwatching friends in case they have a cool sighting), or anything you want, really: stock tips, popular trends, any of the vast amounts of information and ephemera that people post to Twitter.

tweetdeck mentions column

Tweetdeck notifies you of the new posts in each column. You can flick between them, mark the posts read, and refresh either by hitting the refresh button or shaking the iPhone. If you have multiple Twitter accounts, you can enter them all into Tweetdeck and choose which one to post from, though the iPhone client seems to lack the ability to post from multiple identities at once, something you can do in the desktop version. Another featuring missing from the mobile version that’s present on the desktop is the ability to track your Facebook news feed. If you’ve changed the color scheme on your Mac, you’re out of luck when you’re out and about: Tweetdeck for iPhone currently only comes in the default dark gray.

One very nice feature is Tweetdeck’s ability to sync between clients. If you register for a (free) account, any columns created or deleted between your iPhone and computer can be duplicated automatically on the other. And if you’re someone who uses Tweetdeck, chances are you’re using its filtered columns a lot.

Tweetdeck is a stable, powerful program that lets you trawl through the Twitter ocean with ease. It has an elegant iPhone interface, and its syncing abilities (and free pricetag) make it an attractive Twitter client for power users.

Appletell Rating:
rating five out of five

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