Top ten reasons to buy Windows 7 (i.e. switch to Snow Leopard)

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Windows 7

It’s widely known now that Windows 7 will be released on October 22nd of this year, and Mac OS X Snow Leopard will also come out to the public in September. There’s no doubt that each operating system update brings fairly outstanding features to each platform, whether they be under the hood or with the user interface. That said, Business Insider has posted an article with their “Ten Reasons Why People Will Upgrade To Windows 7.” And while I agree with most of the list, it is funny to think that Mac OS X has had many of these for a while.

Here is the list without the descriptions they provided:

  • Easy Wi-Fi connection
  • Fewer pop-ups
  • Easier to share files
  • Device Stage
  • BitLocker support for removable storage
  • Faster boot-up
  • Libraries
  • Less annoying User Account Control
  • Multi-touch feature
  • It’s not Vista

See what I mean? From the top, Mac OS X has always made it super easy to connect to wireless networks with a simple Airport icon in the menu bar. Furthermore, pop-ups on Mac OS X aren’t really an issue at all, seeing as how the user interface has been designed in such a way to make notifications work seamlessly (for example, there is Growl, even though it’s not made by Apple).

To point out a few other things, my Mac OS X machines have always booted up fast, and I’ve never had to deal with an ugly UAC as the Preferences window is clean and easy to use.

Like I said, this list from Business Insider points out some great updates to Windows, but I just find it interesting that such simple things have taken so long.

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  • Brandon

    That goes both ways though 😉 Why did Apple take so long to get something like EFS? WDS? ASLR? Restore from trash? 😛

    Also, the only two things there that exist in Snow Leopard are the two you pointed out, at the top. Maybe "boot faster" but really, my Macbook loaded Vista faster than it loaded Leopard (which was much slower to start than Tiger). So Windows 7 would be even faster.

    There is nothing like Libraries, Bitlocker (let alone Bitlocker-to-go), HomeGroup, Device Stage, Multi-touch, etc. And OS X doesn't really have anything like UAC (protected admin account, secure consent prompts instead of credential prompts, UIPI, etc). They just have a GUI over sudo.

  • Snehal

    It will be interested to see if Microsoft can combine, Notepad and Wordpad in a single text editor?
    I don't understand, why there are 2 editors, one basic and one bit advance. Why can't they be come up with single editor, containing basic to bit advance features.

  • Luey

    I can only comment based on my systems, but bootup on my XP system is crazy long. It takes a good 10 minutes or more for the system to become usable after bootup. My Mac on the other hand… Speedy.

  • Cal

    Entirely biased comparison- I run both systems side by side every single day. Windows 7's file management is far, far more functional than the extremely disappointing finder. What about Mac's copying System Restore? What about Mac's copying breadcrumb style navigation (which by the way, 7's navigator is still easier to use)?

    You question why Microsoft has taken "so long" to come up with certain things, I have two things to say: Microsoft builds an OS that is designed to work with a vast array of hardware configurations- Apple only has to build for their own restricted hardware configurations. The other thing I want to note is, as a Mac user for 10 years, we're still WAITING for an explanation as to why finder is so limited. Can someone please tell me why the zoom button has random unwanted behavior? Why am I still waiting for that button to just be a maximize button? There's a minus icon and a plus icon. The minus icon minimizes the window, shouldn't it be logical then that the plus icon is a maximize button?

    And here's some things that Snow Leopard doesn't have: windows that snap to the sides and automatically intuitively reshape themselves, the linux shake feature, fade previewing of hidden apps, segregated grouping of thumbnail view by type (and believe me, I've looked long and hard for a finder alternative that does this and there is nothing that does for Mac), integrated full-functioning explorer windows in 3rd party apps save and open windows- the list goes on. To be dead honest, spending the first five days with both systems, Windows 7 functionality IN PRACTICE makes Snow Leopard a joke as an everyday tool.

    For doing video editing, the Mac's selection of apps seem better geared for that. But for photo editing, Windows 7 has surpassed OSX with the numerous customizations possible with the explorer window. Please, take more responsibility before you write such garbage. You obviously have not used Windows 7- oh you might have read the box, or maybe toyed around with it for a few minutes but you have definitely not used it. If you have, you wouldn't have written such a poor review- it's pure Mac fanboy rubbish, plainly.

  • Justin

    Macs are da coooolest. Go Mac! You guys rock!

  • Cal

    😉 And I can see the Mac fanboy community prevails hahahah

    It's surprising how many die-hard Mac fans are idiots.

  • محمد

    محمد ياسر