Apple creates 2TB model of Time Capsule, drops the price of 1TB model

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Time Capsule or Airport Extreme

This week, Apple quietly updated their Time Capsule line by adding a 2TB model alongside the existing 1TB model. These new 2TB models will cost a nice sized $499.00, while the 1TB model has been lowered to just $299.00. The specs on the new, larger model appear to be the same as the 1TB model that has existed for a while now, except for, obviously, the size of the hard drive. It doesn’t even appear as if Apple has mentioned this new product update on their home page.

The current specs of these machines consist of 802.11n wireless networking capabilities that is dual band so users can work on both the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands. These also integrate very nicely with Apple’s Time Machine backup solution software. You can get them now at the Apple Store.

Product [Time Capsule]

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