Apple adds queue time and contact info to App Store

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iPhone Developer Site UpdateThere’s no doubt that Apple has seen their fair share of complaints when it comes to the App Store. Surprisingly, two of the largest complaints about the whole process are being addressed by Apple through the iPhone Developer Center. Perhaps the best of these two updates is the queue time widget that is displayed while you have an application waiting to be accepted or denied. As you can see in the image, it tells the developer what the chances are of his app being approved in a certain amount of time.

Furthmore, there is now an email address that developers can send an email to when they have urgent bug fixes. Through this email address, they can get quick responses as well as faster app acceptance time. However, as Craig Hockenberry points out, developers should only email this address if they truly have an issue; it is a privilege, and thousands of emails will only bog down this process, too.

It’s good to see Apple taking some steps in the right direction.

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