First look at IK Multimedia’s GrooveMaker for iPhone, iPod touch

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GrooveMaker is IK Multimedia’s first dive into iPhone apps. You may recall them from earlier products, such as AmpliTube and the StealthPedal. GrooveMaker is an app that allows you to express your inner desire to remix songs. Whether you’re amazing at it already, or just interested, you can remix and drop beats to your heart’s content.

I don’t believe in secrets, so let me tell you this up front; I’m not a DJ, I have no familiarity with mixing beats, remixing songs, or anything terribly similar. I play guitar and drums, so I’m certainly not foreign to the idea of music, but this is out of my comfort zone. Okay, I said it, and now I feel better. Let’s continue.

GrooveMaker comes in a number of different flavors. Obviously, there’s the free version; you know, the one you actually care about right now because you can download it and try it (as soon as you’re done reading this, so not quite yet; hold your horses). But there are more, such as: Techno, Electro, Club, Trance, House, HipHop and D’N’B. FYI, that’s just the start. Let’s just say they have “more” on the way.

GrooveMakerIn the app (or game, however you want to classify it), you are presented first with a list of songs. This is the base from where you start the mixing. They also advise you to use some headphones, or at least hook up the iPhone to a regular set of speakers. Probably a good choice if you value decent audio. So you pick a song and then what? First, you wait. Loading takes a while. After that’s done, you’ll likely find yourself lost or overwhelmed.

Groovemaker help

I know, this isn’t sounding so hot; just hang on because it’s not as bad as you might think. Tap the Help button. Yes, I know you’re totally so “over” the Help button, but it’s okay, just hit it. I won’t tell anyone. This menu will run you through a quick overview of the controls of the app. It’s the same across all flavors of GrooveMaker and the songs, so get used to it.

Groovemaker app

You can solo tracks, mute them, and auto mix them based on instrumental, percussive, mild, or just plain random mixes. There are a surprising amount of controls at your disposal, so explore and play. The best thing about this app—at least for people like me or worse—is that you can’t really make a terrible mix. Well, you can if you try, but the loops themselves won’t allow you to cut something off mid beat, or whatever. So, try as you might, you can create a less than stellar mix, but you can’t ruin the song completely. This may or may not be a feature for you.

Now, you’re all done mixing and such, so you’re ready to save and export. The song can be shared over WiFi with your computer, and thus, the rest of the world. Aren’t you happy? After you share your mix, you’ll likely become a world legend in the remixing community. Okay, probably not, but at least you had some fun right? K, good.

Groovemaker ranges from $5 to $10 depending on the specific genre you choose. There are a number already available today, with more on the way.

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