Battle of the wallpapers: Windows 7 and Snow Leopard

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Windows 7

There is no doubt that Mac OS X Snow Leopard and Windows 7 will be widely compared, given their similar launch dates. On the Windows side, Windows 7 promises to be what Vista should have been, while also adding a ton of nice features along the way. On the Mac side, Snow Leopard will bring minor user interface improvements with vastly better performance under the hood. However, one thing remains when it comes to comparing the two: who has the better wallpapers? While they are both interesting in their own way, I think they represent a lot about each company.

To begin, you can find the set of Mac wallpapers here and the set for Windows 7 here. As you can see, many of the images coming out of Redmond are cartoony, and what can only be described as “strange,” for lack of a better word. On the other hand, the Mac wallpapers range from all sorts of things, from plain and simple to famous works of art. It certainly tells a lot about each company. Which ones would you prefer as your desktop image?

Via [Brainstorm Tech]

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  • silverhammer

    the mac backgrounds give a much more mature air…
    i actually laughed out loud at the sheer ridiculousness of the first few windows ones

  • xp drivers

    I like windows but mac is better on this one LOL!

    thanks for the wallpapers… I got some hehehe.

  • George@IDE Drivers

    I think both of us will have a quality to make windows make a beautiful site..

    totally i like the MAC because it is better than one..

    Thanks for sharing this site:)