Beatles remasters; same day as Apple’s rumored press event

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The Beatles and Apple Corps LTD logoNo matter how big the iTunes store has become, there’s always been one band in particular that has been missing: The Beatles. We’ve all heard their music in one form or another, but if you wanted to download an album or track from iTunes, you were met with a collection of covers and tribute bands, never original music. Maybe that’s about to change.

EMI Music and Apple Corps LTD (not to be confused with the beloved Apple, Inc.) have announced in an updated press release that they intend to release re-mastered versions of the entire Beatles catalogue in glorious stereo sound. Usually, this might bypass some people until they see an advert showing the new CD collections available, or hear it being played on the radio, but there’s one detail that caught our eye: the date. The worldwide release of the two boxed sets featuring 28 CDs is due to take place on September 9th; the same day as the release of “The Beatles: Rock Band” for Wii, PlayStation and Xbox 360. There might also be something else happening on that day—a little old Apple press conference.

Maybe this is just a coincidence, but sources close to Apple apparently feel quite confident on the date for the event. The September event has often featured updates to the music side of Apple—iPods and iTunes—so it’s certainly possible, and I can’t help but find it interesting that it’s the same day the remastered Beatles catalog hits the shelves. Either I’ll be spending a few more pennies in the iTunes store in September, or the rumor mill is just taking a break from the Apple tablet for a little while.

Think we’ll be seeing The Beatles in the iTunes Store download charts any time soon? Speak your mind in the comments!

Via [Cult of Mac]

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