Apple Store is down – is Snow Leopard here early?

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It would appear that the Apple Store is once again down, which signifies either maintenance (yeah, right) or that something will be stamped with a “new” sticker in a few hours. If it’s the later, could it be the latest version of Apple’s operating system, Snow Leopard, will hit the shelves a few weeks earlier than anticipated?

A few weeks ago, the latest build of Snow Leopard was referred to as the “Gold Master”—a term that identifies this latest build to be almost ready; the final version before shipping usually. So the OS itself is apparently ready, or at least very close to being ready, to ship. It’s already available to pre-order on, but there’s no release date to be found. Rumors suggest September, but today’s a good enough day, right? Apple may have built in Snow Leopard to their apparent keynote event in early September, but we’ve already heard about the OS at January’s WWDC, so, to simply update the store would be suitable.

Only time will tell as to what will be revealed when the curtain is again lifted on the Apple Store. Are you hoping to see Snow Leopard appear today? It would certainly make it a happy Monday if it does. Stay tuned on to find out the latest as the Apple Store returns to normal.

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