Snow Leopard available on Apple Store – ships by August 28th

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Mac OS X Snow Leopard available in the Apple Store

The Apple Store has returned online with one noticeable change: the addition of Snow Leopard. Apple are now allowing customers to pre-order Snow Leopard, and says it will ship by August 28th. I would imagine it will also be available in Apple Retail Stores on August 28th, along with premium resellers and other outlets.

Customers who pre-ordered from should also get the same treatment, with various people saying their transaction has changed status to “prepared for shipment.”

The price has also stayed at $29 for the single user upgrade and $49 for the family pack. For an OS as advanced as this, the price tag is amazing. Apple hopes this will cause the majority of Mac owners to upgrade quickly, allowing Apple to continue forward with more advancements. Unfortunately, Snow Leopard will only operate on Intel machines. If you’ve needed to upgrade your computer, Snow Leopard has given you the perfect excuse.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and pre-order your copy of Mac OS X Snow Leopard, I know I will.

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  • black

    Wow, I’m soooo excited over the new upgrade Snow Leopard for Mac. I’ve been using Mac for years in
    My work for many years now and this new surprise arrival is very much accepted and long awaited. Thanks MAC. The prices I think are pretty reasonable. What do other people think of this? I would love to get some feedback. Thank you and have a great day and enjoy your new Snow Leopard upgrade.

  • Barry Ward

    Can't wait to get this. Leopard was always faster than my old XP laptop, and now SL will make it even faster by ridding the os of that pesky non-intel code. Can't wait for them to do the same with other Apple apps such as iTunes, iPhoto etc etc, which badly need the speed boost.

  • Danny Clulow

    I think faster performance all round is going to be the best thing and the improvements to Expose and Stacks.

    I was thinking though, if this is a "refinement" to OS X, what is going to be the next really big feature to come along…

    Speculation I know but I was just wondering what people thought, any ideas?