Switching from Blackberry to iPhone: the pros and cons [updated]

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Blackberry vs. iPhoneIt seems like everybody wants an iPhone; or, if you’re the Palm Pre, you want to be an iPhone. But the Blackberry line from RIM has a legion of devoted followers (many of them business professionals) who’ve grown attached to the device—and its interface—over the years.

What challenges do switchers face? Katherine Boehret, writing for the Wall Street Journal, uses both devices, and asked several people switching from Blackberry to iPhone to record the advantages and annoyances. In addition to the usual things (Safari is a great mobile browser, but the iPhone battery drains much quicker), the biggest problem seems to be getting used to a new interface:

Some switchers said they wished the iPhone had something like BlackBerry Messenger, the always-on messaging system that works to allow communication between all BlackBerrys.

The iPhone automatically changes its time when you enter a new time zone. BlackBerrys remain set to their home time zone for time stamping all emails with that time—unless you change the time in settings.

RIM prides itself on being able to run multiple applications at once; the iPhone allows this with its own preloaded programs like Mail and Safari, but not with other apps.

One switcher, for example, was frustrated that Pandora, a radio-like app that plays music according to user likes and dislikes, turned off when he opened Mail to read emails while listening to songs.

The conclusion seems to be that the devices have different strengths and weaknesses; the sort of pat answer you’d get from a Smurfs episode. But read the whole article for more observations on moving from being a Crackberry addict to the Cult of Mac.

[Update: Author of source article corrected.]

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