Steve Jobs is back!

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Steve Jobs takes the stage at Apple's September 9th event

The lights had only just dimmed as the most exciting part of the press conference happened; Steve Jobs walked onto the stage to huge cheers and applause, looking fit and healthy. Wearing his trademark black turtleneck top and jeans, he expressed his gratitude towards the team at Apple and everyone’s continued support during his health leave.

He also mentioned that his liver was donated by an unfortunate 20-year old who died as a result of a car crash. I’m not quite sure what effect that statement had to the rest of the media, but I feel it wasn’t the most important part of his time off. He also hoped we could all become organ donors, as without them, he may not have been here today.

Great news for Apple, and a great announcement to come from this event. Now, let’s see what else Apple unveils, and don’t forget to follow the live blog.

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