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Provides: mobile device tripod (articulatable)
Developer: Joby
Minimum Requirements: Small/mobile device
Price: $29.95
Availability: Now

Joby is known for their Gorillapod. Just don’t call it a tripod. It’s more than that, it has articulatable (did I make that word up?) legs which can be wrapped around all sorts of things. Now they have a new model made specifically for mobile devices such as iPhones and other small devices. Tree branches, dogs, cars, poles, no-photography signs, you name it; the Gorillapod mobile can likely grab it or stand on it.

Gorillapod mobile desk cradle

The Gorillapod mobile’s main goal in life is to help you get pictures you couldn’t otherwise get. Well, you could take the picture, you just couldn’t be in it. We can’t all afford to have a photographer follow us around all day, and there’s no guarantee they are any good anyway. So, take matters into your own hands with the Gorillapod mobile. But before you decide that this contraption is only for cameras, think again.

Gorillapod mobile stroller handle

The Gorillapod mobile can actually be used for a number of other things that could likely be combined into one group. It can hold many of your devices in sight where you wouldn’t normally be able to keep them visible. For instance, while you are walking on a treadmill or pedaling on a stationary bike. Just clamp the thing to one of the machine’s handles etc. and you can watch videos, browse the web, or do pretty much anything with an iPod touch or the like.

Gorillapod mobile bendHow does it work? The contraption has three legs that are made up of a ton of ball joints. All of these ball joints are fully articulatable and have “grippy” rubber surrounding the portion that doesn’t turn. The purpose of this is so you can wrap two legs in one direction and one in the opposite around something like a pole or tree branch. The rubber will hold it in place on the pole or whatever it is attached to, provided the device you’re using it with is light enough. There should be no problem whatsoever with an iPhone.

Gorillapod mobile attachments

Gorillapod mobile iPhoneYou have a few options of how to attach your camera/device to the GorillaPod mobile, and my favorite is the suction cup. This has a fairly strong hold on devices with smooth surfaces (read iPhone). But you could also use one of the three included sticker mounts (semi-permanent) or a standard tripod screw mount. Just don’t overload the GorillaPod mobile. They recommend you don’t trust it with anything over 325 grams, or about 11.5oz. If you for some reason are tempted to do as such, then have a look at Joby’s website where you’ll be able to find models with higher weight capacities.

The GorillaPod mobile will be as useful as you make it. Just like a camera, it’s only useful if you know how to use it effectively. Think outside the regular viewpoint. The reason for this device is to give you a different perspective than you could normally achieve. Of course, you can do the standard sorts of pictures, too. If your camera has a timer or similar setting, make good use of it.

But don’t forget you can use it like an all surface cradle too. Attach your iPhone, iPod touch, etc. to just about anything and keep its functionality within reach.

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