Some iPhone users are getting AT&T MMS early (where’s mine?!)

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iPhone 3G on AT&TPer AT&T’s official statement, iPhone MMS wasn’t supposed to arrive until September 25th. However, it appears as if AT&T may be releasing that feature early for some users who have reported they can already use it. While it seems strange that some people would get it and not others, my only complaint is that I’m one of the people who hasn’t!

Reports have indicated that AT&T’s network maybe not even be able to handle handle MMS. I’m willing to see how that goes, as I don’t see how they couldn’t be ready. They’ve already used more than enough time, and were even ridiculed at the Apple announcement when we were informed that they were one of the only carriers not supporting it right away. AT&T certainly has some making up to do, and I hope this goes well for them so that they can finally cut a break.

That is, unless it’s already too late.

Via [AppleInsider]

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