Apple iPhone abuse detectors hurtful to consumers?

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iPhone Abuse Detector

The iPhone, being one of the most popular smart phones on the market, probably sees thousands of different instances of abuse: dropping it, spilling something on it, scratching the screen, etc. Although Apple is very good about these types of things if you have AppleCare (something I highly recommend), there are certain cases where they just won’t help you for one reason or another. Apparently, one of these cases involves water, and Apple is watching very carefully.

While most devices have two internal moisture detectors, Apple has also placed two Liquid Submersion Indicators on the external part of their device. In and of itself, this isn’t the behavior that has some people angered; Apple has every right to put what they want on the device. Rather, it’s what Apple may use these for that upsets some consumers. They fear Apple may be using these devices to find excuses to turn down iPhone replacements. They are also angry that these sorts of indicators may create falce positives, such as having sweat set them off instead of real water damage (such as dropping the phone in a puddle) that Apple may be attempting to watch for.

What are your feelings on this?

Via [TechGeist]

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