Wacom announces new Bamboo tablets with multitouch

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Bamboo touch and pen

It’s official, Wacom has announced their new and improved Bamboo tablets, now with 100% more support for multitouch.

There are five new models. We found out about one of these, the Bamboo Touch, last week at Best Buy, but what we didn’t know was that there are four more models. And who doesn’t like more models? That’s what I thought.

The two main attractions are likely to be the “Bamboo Touch and Pen” and the “Bamboo Fun.” The first costs $99 and supports both pen and touch inputs in a sized small tablet, while the second does the same for $199 in a slightly larger medium-sized frame. They’ve also retained a pen only model, the Bamboo Pen.

Bamboo Touch fun angle

The Bamboo line was originally created for consumers who wanted tablet functionality but didn’t need pro features. As a result, the line better serves consumers who are happy with the functionality and features at a lower than professional price. And now, they’ve added touch support to the line. This can only lead to more use of touch input in apps, which is awesome. Plus, with starting prices of $69 for Bamboo Touch (no pen) on up to $199 for the Bamboo Fun, you can’t really go wrong.

You can find out more at Wacom’s page for Bamboo tablets.

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