Two billion downloads for the App Store

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A selection of apps available on the App Store

This week, Apple’s App Store reached two billion downloads, a little after a year since the store first launched for the iPhone and iPod touch. April saw the first billion apps downloaded, with just over half a billion downloaded in the last quarter. There are certainly no signs of things slowing down just yet.

As a recap, here are the basic stats.

  • Two billion apps downloaded
  • 85,000 apps available (paid & free)
  • Over 50 million iPhone and iPod touch customers worldwide
  • Over 125,000 developers in the iPhone Development Program

On any scale, that’s impressive for just over a year of being available. Steve Jobs had this to say:

“The rate of App Store downloads continues to accelerate with users downloading a staggering two billion apps in just over a year. The App Store has reinvented what you can do with a mobile handheld device, and our users are clearly loving it.”

Despite many other companies—such as Palm and Nokia—having their own application stores available on some of their devices, Apple is clearly far in the lead. Of course, Palm and Nokia’s stores have not been live for the same length of time, but it’s doubtful they will grow on the same scale as the App Store. As they say, on the App Store, there’s almost always, “an app for that”.

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